November 24, 2007


My brother Matt posin' with the grub
Finally back at the ole apartment after camping out at the inlaws and then going straight to work on Friday. Not really sure why I had to work because it was completely dead! I think it was me, the rest of the new people that started around the same time as moi, accounts payable, and the CEO. (everyone else got to use their floating holidays- blarg). Uploaded some T-Day pics, the maple spice cake came out really good again, except this time, as soon as I completed it, Cecilia my mother-in-law said
"Alright I'll go pop it in the fridge downstairs"
and I'm like "What?"
and she's all, "Yeah, with the cream cheese filling that should probably go in the fridge"
"Hmmmm, interesting"
Didn't think about that AT ALL last week when I first made it! (newbie baker up in here). It must have sat out for a lot longer then Martha would have wanted it to..
Gus' sister Steph passing out the Champagne
Thanksgiving was fun, there were about 15 people in attendance at my in-laws so we opted for the Buffet style serving. You'd think b/c we weren't sitting at a table together we wouldn't have to go around the room and say what we're thankful for. I was the 2nd one to go, and I just said "Rocco and the rest of my family" Note* I'm a big dork when it comes to talking on cue.

Then Friday was work as you all know. Thank you for commenting, it brightened up the day to see my gmail inbox popping up with Black Friday gossip. Sounds like only a few are you made it to the mall, but apparently there was like 20 billion in shopping yesterday. I'm thinking of going the online route this year..

Finally relaxing the rest of the weekend. Catching up on Curb, The Wire & Weeds, and anything Hollywood Video has in stock (plus sneaking in a trip to the gym after eating a piece of the maple cake). Plus Gus picked up Super Mario Galaxy for Wii on friday (and pretty much played it the whole time I was at work). He claims its better then Super Mario 3. We will just have to see about that! I think its a long shot.

A few more pics..Santa's Reindeer made a special appearance. So did Matt Q.Impromptu Photo Shoot with the cousins.I'm submitting this one to ANTM for next season. Tyra will love the smile with my eyes I think.


Jamie said...


I would have placed my favorite fierce Tyra gif but I don't think it would work in the comments!

Sounds like a good Thanksgiving. Let me know how Mario Galaxy is. I kind of want it!

WeezerMonkey said...

Happy belated Thanksgiving, Julie!

Nanette said...

Great recap and photos!

Andrea said...

Looks like one fun Thanksgiving! Hey quick question? How did you get that calendar of upcoming events? I want to put something like it on my page.

Jenn said...

Smile with your eyes! I love that :D

Katelin said...

so fierce! Tyra won't know what hit her!

And looks like you had a lovely time, happy belated Thanksgiving! :)

R said...

Happy belated from me too! Love the ANTM pose by the way. ;) Work it girl!

LBIC said...

Love the eye-smile. Janice would approve.