November 29, 2007

So Wrong! But I Love it!

Oh Radar Magazine, how I love you so. You took innocent famously imperfect celebrities, and photoshop'd them into the perfect image that Hollywood oh so wishes upon all of its little minions. How could you not click on it and see what they did.

A few of my personal favorites.

Owen with a straight nose? He looks cute either way!
Adrian Brody looks WEIRD with a regular nose.. Radar says his after pic is a spitting image of Zac Effron. HA!
Bill Clinton looks sexy either way. I might even pick Mr. Baggy Eyes.

After Zac Braffs imaginary nose job, I'm starting to think that guys with big noses will always win! Every pic with a small nose has looked bogus so far.

Click here to check the rest of them out!


Jenn said...

I like all the before pictures! Zach and Adrian look completely different with new noses. They're not even cute anymore!

Joanne said...

Hahaha, well in Chinese culture, there's this belief that bigger noses are better anyhow...the bigger the nose, the more successful you will be and money you will have.

Michelle said...

i agree with jenn. all their before pictures are much better!

Virginia said...

I have never really minded big noses. Granted, I don't think I'd want to have a ginormous one, but on guys it isn't that big of a deal. I definitely like their before pictures!

nicoleantoinette said...

Yay- for once we get to see a before and after plastic surgery thing where the before pictures are ALL better.


Valley Girl said...

Dude, I kinda like Adrian and Zach with smaller noses.

Katelin said...

I think the original pictures better. However Owen does look cute either way.

R said...

That nose thing is just creepy on Adrian and Zak. Yuk.

willikat said...

i think imperfection is beautiful. and i love clinton too.