November 28, 2007

Which Judges do you prefer?

Tyra, Nigel, Miss J, Twiggy and Guest Judge?
Heidi, Michael, Nina & Special Guest Judge?

My answer:

Project Runway. Tyra is so full of shit these days. She has something to say about EVERYTHING. Heidi at least says "I don't get it", which is more fierce then just throwing up fashion/model jargon onto the cat walk in front of the contestants. Nigel vs. Michael? Now that is a toss up. I can't pick! Twiggy vs. Nina... Are you kidding me? Nina of course. I'll always remember Santino talking back to her saying "I'M SORRY NINA" with attitude. Paulina Porizkova (aka Twiggy's future replacement) doesn't seem like shes's going to do any better either..Notice Miss J doesn't compare to anyone, because he is in his own category, and would beat everyone. And I can't leave out Jay Manuel (even though he only pops up every once and awhile during deliberation). I would pay Jay close to a 1 million dollar bill to be the art director at a photo shoot for all my winter sweaters i just dragged up from storage :)

Didn't want to spoil anyone's Tivo sets with who got ousted!! (and besides, all y'all have been writing juicy awesome recaps of these shows that I love reading)

But what I WILL say, is after watching tonite's Project Runway: Zoolander Edition, guy models wear just as much makeup that i do!
Auf Wiedersehen!!


WeezerMonkey said...

The Project Runway crew -- no contest!

Allie said...

I too am for the PR crew - they aren't overly snarky, they are honest and Tyra is really full of herself this season and all her suggestions and advice seems to contradict a previous week's advice.

And yes, so much makeup! But it reminded me I need to buy a lighter shade of True Match concealer for my winter pallor!

Tashya Dennis said...

Tyras crew. They have so much more chemistry, plus they are funny. I enjoy watching Nigel.

nicoleantoinette said...

Heidi rules everything.

That is all. :)

Katelin said...

I don't watch Project Runway so I'd have to say Ty Ty and company. However, Ty is going a bit crazy these days, but who am I kidding I love her. But obviously my favorite is Miss J, he is definitely in a league of his own... love him!

R said...

What if we take out Tyra and Twiggy and replace them with Heidi and Nina? I'd watch that panel judge just about anything-fashion, models, dog doesn't matter.

I want Nigel for my very own and I want Jay Manuel's fit body and sculpted eyebrows. I love Heidi though and can't resist repeating her when she says, "Nina Garcia". Watch, now you're going to do it too. ;)

Kay said...

i agree with you julie...first she wants a plus size model then tells her she is an in between, you know, they should be able to be whatever size they are and be judged on they're modeling skills.