December 9, 2007

Chocolate Chipmas Cookies

[above: soft warm chocolate chip cookies,
on my snowman christmas tree shop plate]
This morning I grabbed all of my family circle magazines (yes I'm a tool who always buys them for $1.99 at the supermarket when I'm in line thinking there will be a wonderful & easy dinner recipe and I will somehow fall in love with cooking. still waiting for that special Family Circle issue to come out!) and asked Gus which Christmas Cookie looked the most delish to bake. "Nope that's okay, just make me Chocolate Chip- they're my favorite!" he replies. So I googled "the most amazing recipe", and low and behold.. "Absolutely the Best Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipe".

Now this story seems too perfect to be true. And it is, because I totally burnt the second tray of cookies (think i put too much Pam on the tray). But since we're hosting a few friends for the pats game this afternoon, Gus dove into the "bad batch" that I was going to chuck in the trash, so our guests would have dibs on the delish ones :) Now that's picture worthy..Thought I'd throw in a picture of Gus' new Christmas hat that allows him to walk proud through the streets of Massachusetts.Go pats.


Jamie Lovely said...

I would kill for some fresh baked chocolate chip cookies!

nicoleantoinette said...

Haha we're such a baking group of bloggy friends lately. :)

Nanette said...


I miss my oven.

Those sound good.

Jenn (freeandflawed) said...

I'll take three cookies please :D

R said...

Chocolate chip cookies are awesome. Yum.