December 12, 2007

A Closer Look

1. Can't find your loved one a Wii this holiday season? Relax, buy them a Wii Cardboard Box robot, and they totally won't notice the difference. Thanks GeekSugar!

2. Speaking of Sugar. PopSugar asks readers, WHO is the biggest trainwreck of 2007? L-Lo should be so thankful that Britney is bonkers and the public forgets about L-Lo running down her assistants mom in a stolen suv. My vote goes to Beers. (bspears). VOTE HERE!

3. Flight of the Conchords is coming out with a full length album on April 22. (Earth Day and a very special April Child's birthday). I'm very excited about this album.

4. Only Massholes would dress their little baby in a Mitt Happens tshirt. And I love it!
5. My Work Christmas Party is next Thursday (smart move by the CEO to curb crazy drunkeness from our crew). Hope this work party etiquette doesn't go out the window as soon as the first glass of chardonnay is served. (if i get over last Friday's horrible hangover by then!!!!!)

6. And my fffffavorite. Radaronline's top picks for things NOT to buy your secret santa. A few favorites? Doritos scented candle, and a google earth shot of their childhood home.


nicoleantoinette said...

They make Doritos scented candles?! This is.... amazing.

LBIC said...

haha the doritos candle is great. i eat my nacho cheese doritos with cream cheese. i know, but it's so good.

Lisa G said...

ok I'm completely grossed out by the candle..I'm pretty sure that would make me gag blah!!!

R said...

That candle would have been perfect for our white elephant gift exchange. Damn it!