December 17, 2007

The Glamour List

Kimberly Bonnell and Paela Redmond Satran have a kick ass job writing up The Glamour List for Glamour magazine. This December's issue had a definite blogworthy list I thought every girl might enjoy (i looked on but the last one thats posted is from July)
10 things every woman needs to get rid of right now
1. Fear of flaunting- in bed, at the office, on the dance floor. Be proud of what you've got!
2. Any really sincere desire to sleep with a celebrity.
3. A job that drains your time, energy, and joie de vivre in exchange for- what, exactly?
4. You "skinny"clothes that only fit after the stomach flu.
5. Cigarettes.
6. Rage. It may (very occasionally) be justified, but it's rarely worth being known as "that crazy lady in 2b."
7. Any guy who doesn't keep his word.
8. That friend(s) who always makes you feel worse about yourself instead of better.
9. The agony you relive when you think of that really embarrassing thing you did.. a year ago.
10. Your sex tape!

Spring cleaning in December anyone??


Maxie said...

I absolutely cannot get rid of my rage until after the Christmas shopping season is over-- maybe i'll try after then, though. lol

Michelle said...

this is a great list. wish i would have gotten rid of #7 a long time ago!

nicoleantoinette said...

Oooh, good list! I most agree with number 7.

Susie said...

Yay for New Year's resolutions!!

And I love the cover of this month's issue :)

Virginia said...

Dang it, I have GOT to get rid of that pesky sex tape! And my really sincere desire to sleep with Nicolas Cage. It's really bringing me down.

Katelin said...

So I guess I should just erase "Sleeping with Josh Jackson" off of my life goals list, haha.

Love it.

Kay said...

i like this list and i am living #8, so now i know to kick that person to the curb--thanks glamour =)

Valley Girl said...


LBIC said...

haha I will never give up hope on bedding Johnny Depp. I just can't lol

R said...

If I had a sex tape I'd totally get rid of it after that list. Thanks Glamour! ;)

willikat said...

i also love those lists every month.