December 5, 2007

Hills Thrills

First off, hardcore hills fans should take this Radar Quiz-- which compares our favorite 'reality show' friends to that of Shakespeare. Art thou I scored a 9eth out of 10neth.

So.. season finale next week. Oh- and before that, a movie airing Saturday about Lauren's life in the eyes of MTV's cameras. I'm going to make sure I stay in and watch that.. Just kidding.. I kinda blarfed in my mouth when I saw that commercial.

Lauren and Brody- not going to happen. Brody doesn't like Lauren, he likes MTV and the publicity he's getting from it. Sure you can totally give me an "I told you so" if they end up 'coming out' and announcing they're a real couple... but until then... I'm so right. They do have good friend chemistry, like Bert & Ernie.Spencer and Heidi. They were so worried about people getting bored with them they've staged this whole "breaking up scenario" to keep viewers guessing. Hmm I "Guess" they're still together since I see them all lovey dovey and stinking up my US Weekly and all the time. Plus, Heidi probably needed some stuff to tell writers to write about for her upcoming album.Audrina needs a boy who's not going to make her look up all the time. The aussie is cute, and I'd rather hear him burp and fart instead of Justin Bobby's poetry. Aussie accents are hot. And I LOVED her Madonna outfit- very very cute costume!


nicoleantoinette said...

Although I do enjoy the Hills characters as Shakespeare characters- I much prefer them as muppets or Dora. You win.

Andrea said...

I totally wish Lauren and Brody would hook it up! I mean it is pretty obvious, by Lo's "you're NOT just friends" comment that that HAS happened, but I want to see it! I say move in Brody, damn you, and stop checking out other girls' assets!

Jamie Lovely said...

I agree with Nicole!

I swear I don't know why I watch the show anymore. It's the same thing EVERY episode!

Katelin said...

I can't wait for the finale next week, I want to know what the "Big announcement" is!

And Spencer and Heidi are so incredibly lame lately. The fake break up business just doesn't fly since they take those incredibly staged pictures everywhere they go, gah.

As for Lauren and Brody, I think you pretty much hit it right on. However, if Brody ever gets sick of MTV he can just head on over to whatever station is airing the Kardashian family, since his dad is on it, haha. Now that'd be funny.

brandy said...

See.. I think that Brody does like Lauren. I think he's just waiting for her to show some sort of feeling towards him and she doesn't really ever just come out and say 'hey, get serious for a second.. I like you', he doesn't either. On the last episode over dinner.. he was totally trying to get her to be more honest.

Ahh. I need Brookem here to back me up on this one I think.

brookem said...

I agree about Spencer and Heidi. Blah to them and their whole damn situation every week.

BUT, I'm with Miss Brandy on Brody and his hankering for Lauren! He was totally opening a door for her there over dinner, to at the very LEAST say that she digs him. But she plays all coy like she doesn't know what the hell he's talking about.