December 2, 2007

Hipsters Know How to Rock Out

Saturday night was quite the date night. Headed into downtown Boston around 3:30 and barhopped a little before Ted Leo's 6:30 show (did not know they had concerts this early, but it actually worked out in our favor). Went to Jacob Worth (the oldest German bar in Boston- and the closest one to the parking lot because it was FREEZING OUT). I grabbed this pic of a menu that Conan O'Brien signed b/c I thought it was pretty funny.
We then grabbed some drinks & aps at the Intermission Tavern. The manicure was in full effect too!Arrived at the concert fashionably late (7ish), picked up the tix at will call and headed into The Roxy. (Which is funny because this morning I saw that a Boston brat had her MTV's Super Sweet Sixteen party at the very same place!)
Apparently Ted Leo has a big hipster following. I came to realize this when I noticed the audience seemed pretty somber for a kick ass rock concert! The hipsters stood quiet in their flannel shirts, their wool hats, and their "I don't even care that we're at a concert" 'tudes
(thats my word for attitude btw). Kristeen Young opened up for Ted Leo and was pritty pritty interesting. Let's just say she seemed like an angry muppet who liked to bang on the keyboard and sing. See for yourself below!!

Someone pissed her off though when they yelled "Bjork called- she wants her songs back". She did sound/act/perform a lot like her. Finally Ted Leo came on, and he was AWESOME! I'm trying to think of what he sounds like.. maybe Weezer meets Ben Folds Five? He's on iTunes, check him out. Plus he did an awesome cover of Kelly Clarkson's Since U Been Gone and combined it with Yeah Yeah Yeah's Maps. Unfortunately he didn't play that at the concert, but email me if you want me to send the mp3 to you = a great iPod addition.NONE of the hipsters even moved to the music. Pretty much the entire concert I was in the back doing the 'Elaine dance' and singing..screaming.. the words to all the songs. Plus Hipsters don't drink, because it seemed like we were the only ones who 'sipped' on Bud Light during the concert! They're a different breed those people.. I'm way too loud, anxious, and crazy to ever be classified as such a thing.. great musings for a blog post though!


WeezerMonkey said...

Such a cute picture of you guys!

I think not so much Weezer-like. Ted Leo is a tad more rockin'. I say Jimmy Eat World with more of an edge and a greater sense of irony.

Julie Q said...

Ooo good call! I did a double take when I wrote down Weezer at first- but that was the only fun rock band that popped in my head (cos just saying Ben Folds Five alone didn't cut it!)

LBIC said...

LOL @ angry muppet. She's like Animal with a bun and a keyboard.

Katelin said...

I hate when no one dances at concerts, ugh. At least you had a good time and could dance anyways.

And that pic of you two is super cute! :)

R said...

I really like that pic of the two of you. :)

Virginia said...

Wow, I saw Teo Leo when I was in Boston last summer too! I forget where they played. I had never heard their stuff before, but I was pretty impressed! And you are one was dancing when we were there. Maybe swaying a little, but no dancing.

Valley Girl said...

Was it that dumb chick that was trying to breakdance?

Julie Q said...

VG- no i probably would've thrown a beer at her if she started break dancing!!

And Virginia that's awesome you saw Ted Leo!

And thanks for the nice comments about the couples pic- notice i opted for the black/white pic so you wouldn't see my drunk red face :)