December 11, 2007

I could have hosted a better Hills After Show

Last night was the season finale and some static to my eyes and ears (aka the after show), so hopefully I don't have to post another rant anytime soon. Can I just say, during the last scene when LC was heading to the airport and checking in- Gus goes "that's it?" And my reaction was "NO.. its 1 hr, so its only halfway through" Then...

Done Done Done..(or whatever words describe the music leading up to...)
the credits.

as sphincter says what? That's all we get? I'm becoming such a cotton headed ninny muggins when it comes to this show and the people on it.. (totally just watched Elf, thus the wording)

As I mentioned briefly on Legally Heidi's comments...

  • I think Spencer should be transferred to The Real World Australia, and then I hope Isaac throws him around the house.
  • Heidi should be transferred to Survivor (because i would LOVE to see her without a blowout and foundation).
  • Whitney should be transferred to ANTM (i heart her! she's soo beeyooootifull).
  • Audrina should be transferred to Are you smarter then a 5th grader? (and NOT as the host).
  • Brody should be transferred to Beauty and the Geek, but he'd obviously be a Beauty. I just want to touch his cheekbones.
  • Jen Bunny should totally be transferred to whatever Celebreality Dating show VH1 thinks of next. Cos like her or hate her- she's great television.
  • And LC should be transferred to Project Runway, because something tells me she really doesn't have an ounce of fashion talent and would fail miserable on this show, even though she's a "designer" who "designs" expensive "stuff".
All you would have left is Elodie coming back and rocking out in LA with Lo. I'd totally tune in to watch that!

If JQ ruled the world...


WeezerMonkey said...

So great.

brandy said...

Yeah... I didn't get a lot of what was going on. I mean, I know, I know.. it's the hills- my bar should be set low. But I have to admit, I was hoping the aftershow would dig a little deeper into the Brody/Lauren thing. I don't think it was necessary to have Lo, Frankie there.. I mean.. did Lo even say anything? It would have been better to have a longer episode and a longer aftershow with less people. And you know, picture machine things that worked.

heidi @ said...

hehehe those would all be great shows :) another to add to the suggestion box: Heidi and Spencer on the amazing race. They too could end up on Dr.Phil to try to repair their horrible relationship.

also: LC's clothing line looks wicked cheap. No way would i pay $40 for a shirt i could get in the same style for $16 at Forever 21.

Whitney totally reminds me of a Chantal/Jenah/Caridee mix. maybe because those three girls all look the same. Harumph. Whitney could totally be ANTM ftw!

nicoleantoinette said...

Dear MTV,

Please take all of Julie's suggestions exactly as stated above. She is insanely hilarious and right on with all of her cast placements.


Mrs. D said...

You are so right! MTV should be knocking on your door for next season!

*Begin snarky comments*

I can't stand those after show people, how did they land that job?

Heidi would be a perfect fit for Survivor...she already has 2 new flotation devices that may come in handy, should she need them for a challenge.

*End of snarky comments* : )

Nanette said...

If there were a world ruled by JQ, I would SOOOO love to live in that world!

Valley Girl said...

Agreed on all points!!!!!!

Katelin said...

I totally agree with all of your suggestions! I think it would make for some awesome television.

I was pretty let down by the finale too, and the "big announcement", ummm. What the hell?! Who cares that they tape in Paris, we already knew there'd be a season 4, gah Mtv, gah.

Oh and as I have told everyone, did you see the two girls behind the hosts making sure their faces were on screen the whole time?? Hilarious. That was some good TV, I made fun of them the whole time.