December 26, 2007

New York is Engaged! (again)

Tailor Made apparently proposed to New York again (she said no to him during the I Love New York Season 2 finale) and this time she ACCEPTED. The cheesy proposal will air January 6th on the Reunion show. I hope they get their own Celebreality show- except the only reason why I liked Tailor Made was watching him squirm around the other guys in the house during the dating show!! And plus he vowed he will become her "wife" which in his eyes means tending to her every need.

Does this mean no I Love New York Season 3?!?!?!? My heart hurts.


nicoleantoinette said...

You think this engagement is actually going to WORK? No, there will definitely be a season 3.

Maxie said...

Don't worry, we can still look forward to Rock of Love II!

R said...

Holy cleavage!

I don't watch this show so that's all I've got.