December 16, 2007

The Silver Compass Holder

Nicole Kidman rocked the sexiest space suit EVER to the Aussie premiere of The Golden Compass. BTW did anyone see that movie? I saw this picture on Pagesix and did a doubletake.
What? Who? Why? Hiccup. And the flashes from the cameras didn't help either..

At least her makeup and hair looks pretty?

I'm thinking Snow Queen of Narnia meets Tin Man. Maybe its genius for her premiere. I'm sure some fashionista out there thinks so.


Kay said...

ewww. i thought nicole was a much better dresser than that. why?

freeandflawed said...

Um, who told her that'd be a good idea?

Nicole: Are you sure I don't look like a female tin man?
Stylist: No, no you look great. Rock that tin foil babe!

Virginia said...

My friends and I watched Home Alone last night when we were drunk. Now every time I see something I don't like, I want to be like Kevin when he looks at the picture of his brother's girlfriend and says, "Buzz, your girlfriend, WOOF!" So that is what I say to this picture. I think the botox has gone to her brain. WOOF.

nicoleantoinette said...

Have you ever read Wicked? After reading it, I totally can't think of any of the characters (including the tin man) in the same way.

Eyes As Windows said...

I don't know, I don't think that could ever look good all together. I did see the movie, and it was good! check it out!

Sarah said...

Oh no she di'n't

p.s. The last three letters in the word verification are "wtf" Coincidence?

R said...

Nope. She just looks dumb and obviously doesn't have any good friends. :/