December 8, 2007

Weekend Update

As soon as I wrote down such fabulous weekend plans- I knew something was going to mess it all up! And that my friend, was Chardonnay. Didn't end up going to dinner last night b/c another holiday party popped into the plans. (and I wasn't too hungry after a ggggggreat lunch @ the Cheesecake Factory with 2 friends from work-- that's right, I found myself ANOTHER friend at the new job).

So anyways- getting back to this stimulating story- I got absolutely wrecked last night drinking on an empty stomach. Today I don't even want to think about baking christmas cookies, couldn't eat my brueggers bagel, had to order Ginger Ale for breakfast, and have pushed purchasing a christmas tree until hopefully this afternoon after my throbbing headache goes away. I now think my dog spiked my drink to get out of his photoshoot. Don't worry Rocco, it will get done... Even this post has taken me quite a few minutes to type, becuase my keyboard is making way too much noise! On the upside, Katelin has informed me that the Hills is coming back for a new season. And Gus has lucked out with a Designated Driver for this evening's 2nd Christmas party. That'd be me.

This has been a JQ Lounge Public Service Announcement.

Update: The CEO totally sent out an email yesterday to my company declaring work off the Monday before Christmas!! It's like he must have read my Friday Fill-In post or something! haha I'd also like a $275,000 raise as well.


nicoleantoinette said...

Can you imagine actually getting a raise because of this post? That would be incredible.

Sorry about the hangover! Power through!

Heidi @ said...

yikes my all day friday hangover from my thursday rockstardom kept me in last night with tivo. feel better and easy on the chardonnay :D

yay for a season 4!!!

Katelin said...

Boo hangovers, but woo Hills! :)

R said...

Ouch. I haven't been hung over like that for a long time. I hope it was at least fun getting the hangover.