December 11, 2007

Who Dreams of Macaroni??

Sarah, over at Kidultery introduced me to the bestest most ridiculous time consuming website ever, Skimming through the directory, I came across so many random dream scenarios and their interpretations. I'd like to share a few, and please be honest and tell me if you've ever had a dream about the following... because I will love you forever!

Macaroni: To dream that you are eating macaroni, denotes small losses. To see macaroni in large quantities, signifies that need for you to be frugal, economize, and save money.
JQ Says: Wake up and call Tony Soprano's Therapist. You're dreaming of Macaroni. Unless its Kraft, then you're fine.

Waffle: To dream of eating a waffle, indicates that you need to come down from your lofty dream and approach life from a different angle. To dream that you are waffling over a topic, suggests that you need to think things more clearly and learn to express yourself with more assurance and
JQ Says: Lego My Ego, and get off your high horse, biatch!

Baton: To see or throw a baton in your dream, represents your need for self expression and be noticed in a dramatic way. In particular to see a police baton, symbolizes male sexuality or
JQ Says: Wake up and shut off your television. You probably fell asleep a couple hours ago and COPS reruns are on TNT.

Earrings: To dream that you or someone is wearing earrings, suggests that you need to listen more carefully and pay attention. To see broken earrings in your dreams, suggests that you are being talked about. To dream that you are buying earrings, represents your desire for acceptance and affection.
JQ Says: Do you feel "pierced" by emotion? Give your dog a big hug when you wake up.

Can Opener: To see a can opener in your dream, indicates your willingness to accept new ideas/concepts. It may also be a symbol of reassurance and way to tell yourself that "I can" do something. JQ says: You also may be a scared can of tuna (or chicken)Me passed out on the couch with Rocco (back in college). What a good cuddler!

I could read these all day.

This is just too ridiculiii! I always forget what I dream about, unless George Clooney is involved..


Sarah said...

I had a dream about earings, that they wouldn't go in. Hmmm...

That site is fun. Mulberries?! WTF. Who is dreaming of Mulberries??

Valley Girl said...

What does it mean if you dream that someone is shooting at you with a rifle? Just wondering.

Jamie Lovely said...

Cutest picture ever. You're practically about to fall off!

Virginia said...

Hmm I don't dream about macaroni, though I do loooove to eat it! Every once in a while I have a recurring dream where a wolf is chasing me. I think it symbolizes that I have problems, haha.

Katelin said...

Haha, what a great site. I have some weird dreams, I'll definitely have to check it out.

R said...

I guess I'm off the Love Boat since I haven't had any of these dreams. I'll have to check out the site though.

nicoleantoinette said...

Does daydreaming about macaroni/all Italian food count?


Eyes As Windows said...

I heard that dreaming about food in general means you're dreaming about sex... cause they are in the same center of the brain. (glad to find another interesting blog through nicole!)

Marriage-101 said...

When I saw your picture, I was all "hey, that's me!" because I have a jacket just like that.