December 16, 2007

Why I Heart Jaclyn

To: JQ
Subject: Dream Job

I totally thought of you!

Why don't they have any of those jobs in Beantown?!??

update: My hubs for some reason thinks that I should apply to it anyways- because it sounds like its purely web related- but i'm pretty sure it sounds like you have to be NYC based..


Jamie Lovely said...

That would be my dream job too! We'd be awesome at that, haha

nicoleantoinette said...

Um, you should totally just apply for it and see what happens. Seriously.

ps- NYC rocks. said...

you totally should apply!!! it sounds like an awesome job :)

I'd love to be a professional blogger :)

Katelin said...

Umm that could so be my job too! We could co-write it, haha.