January 30, 2008

blogger U

I wonder what it would have been like if blogging was the cool thing to do back in college. I, myself, started blogging a few months after I graduated... hhhhmmmmmm

Yay! college was fun, it would have been cool to document it
Nay.. college was FUN, it wouldn't have been cool for future employers to see said documentation

Yay! I actually would have had so much free time to blog since going to bed at 2am was considered very very early
Nay.. it would've taken away from my Instant Messenger convos, I usually had about 15 going at once.

Yay! Sorority drama = I would have been like Gossip Girl outing half the doushebag girls in the sorority. Don't get me wrong, the other half of the ZTA's immediately became my best friends and partners in crime (some featured in the picture above when we road tripped it to Panama City, Florida)... but come on, if it wasn't a sorority, I would have told a few of the girls they were hella lame.. and lacking in personality.
Nay.. Gossip Girl is anonymous. I am way too loud to try and pull that off.

Yay! The Gusman. Our college story is pretty funny. I'll dabble in it sometime. I've never laughed so much than when we started dating (end of our sophomore year).
Nay.. ESPECIALLY when we broke up for a few months junior year at RIT. All and all the best thing we could've done to have a future together.. but lets just say, it was like when Ross and Rachel broke up considering we all shared the same friends. WE WERE ON A BREAK (okay ross..) It would have made for some classic posts nonetheless..

Yay! College Life Crisis. SO MUCH BETTER than a quarter life crisis. because you have no responsibilities (what the hell is a utility bill and/or car insurance?!?)and you can go to a bar every day of the week and not be judged. (and your body can handle going to a bar every day) Now i go out for 2 nights in a row on the weekend, and it takes me 4 days to get rid of my headache!
Nay.. Being broke.. brokeness doesn't make for good blogging in my case (or good makeup!)

If you had a chance to go back.. would you have blogged during college?

I obviously would have, who am I kidding!

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freeandflawed said...

I did blog through college, but to be honest, I've been in college since 2002. I keep going back because I love it haha. I don't think my blog would be the same as it is today if I started in 2002/2003. It probably would have been filled with much more drama.

What sorority were you in? I was in Chi Omega. Probably not the best decision I've made. WAY too much drama there!

WeezerMonkey said...

Absolutely. Although blogging was totally foreign then, I did keep a sporadic online journal. It was the highest rank pank on our college system -- more hits than admissions, research, everything. There was actually a cadre of geeks who tried their best to knock off my crown, but I held it for four years running.

The key was one particular Photoshopped photo. It had my head on top of Elle MacPherson's body. I ended up on a site called Babes on the Web. I used to get about a dozen emails a day from men, including several marriage proposals.

No joke.

WeezerMonkey said...

And by "rank pank," I actually mean "ranked page." Don't know where that came from. :P

For context, I went to college from 1994 to 1998.

nicoleantoinette said...

Oh god, NO ONE would have wanted to read my blog during college. Every post would have been "I'm so stressed out my school is so hard blah blah I'm emo" or "I'm so hungover always."

R said...

I didn't go the regular college route like most people so I guess I can't really answer. It would have fun to look back at my experience though. On that note I say Yes! :)

Michelle said...

i totally would have! what i love about blogging is being able to look back at things you would probably have forgotten about. so it would be nice to have more things like that documented, scandalous or not ;)

Katelin said...

Oh man I wish I would have blogged during college. Granted I did write a mini journal so I do have some stories saved up. But you do point out some good things, I imed a lot, blogging would have made me stay up later than I already did procrastinating papers and there are so many stories I don't need employers to read about, haha.

But who am I kidding, I totally would have written about them all. And called my blog, Sunday Morning Brunch.

brandy said...

Absolutely. I had such a large disposable income (thanks Scholarships!) that I was able to DO way more. I also lived a little more... recklessly. I think those stories would have been interesting to share. Sigh. Is it weird now that I sort of miss college?

Maxie said...

absolutely. I wish I could look back and read it now.

willikat said...

i blogged, anonymously, in college. i still think there's some good writing there and i'm glad i did it (i think sometimes it kept me sane) but most of it will remain secret. i giggled at your pictures and comments and the pros and cons of blogging--some of them apply to now, too.

Susie said...

Obviously. I think it would have been awesome. And totally sad at some times. Awww and now you're making me wish I had discovered blogging in college!

Laurie said...

I love this post! So much has changed in 4 years - most of my college photos are on film - as in 35mm. I didn't even have a digital camera until my final year of college!

Virginia said...

Oh man, I don't know if I would have had time to blog during college. Between the hurried cramming for tests and the late nights at the bar...plus all the sorority drama and friends drama and boyfriend drama...I could have just posted the words, "More drama today," for four years and it would have summed up college, hahaha.

Nanette said...

Probably. I was born an attention-whore. ;)

Exposed said...

Of course! What do college kids like better than procrastinating real work and obsessing about our own lives (what should I do with my life? How am I going to pay for it? Where can I get dollar beer tonight?)

Jenn said...

omg! i would've loved to have blogged back then! what an awesome experience.

huh, i kinda miss it ;)-

Allie said...

Gosh, I'm so old I hardly used EMAIL in college!

But I would have def. blogged. Can't keep my mouth shut! Glad I didn't because I think I would have had the same problems you considered!

And love the college pics; I have a few similar ones from my good old sorority days at UMCP! :)

Kay said...

i don't think it would have been as cool. it's was all good back then, but i would never have been able to share about my life cus i would be scared of what others thought of me, will they like my blog, etc,, but now i have confidence, knowledge and experience and F* what anyone thinks you know?