January 6, 2008

For Lost Fans.. who are Lost

For those who were completely baffled at the Lost Season 3 finale, fear not, Matthew Fox wants to clear the air. Check out Entertainment Weekly's interview with Jack. SSSSOOOO worth the read. January 31st can't come soon enough.. except i think they only have 8 eps now due to the strike. Blarf.

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WeezerMonkey said...

Lookin' good. Your blog, I mean. Ok, Matthew Fox, too.

nicoleantoinette said...

I've never seen a single episode of Lost! How nuts is that?!

And your blog looks AMAZING. Totally worth the teaching yourself HTML time :)

Susie said...

Love the blog's new look!! And your signature.

I have also never seen Lost :( And I don't understand how that one guy is still fat...what are they eating on that island??

However, I did love Matthew Fox on Party of Five!

Virginia said...

GAHHH I am so excited! That is the only reaction I have right now. SO EXCITED!!!

Julie Q said...

HAHA Susie I think the SAME THING every time he pops up on the show! There must be a McD's on the other side of the island..

R said...

Hottness. Mathew Fox is hotness.