January 1, 2008

Look, its a yard sale!

Vermont was an awesome awesome weekend. Full of relaxing, snowboarding, dvd watching, drinking, napping, snowshoe'ing (i only lasted about 10 minutes doing that though) with the hubs.
A few things from the trip:

  • Go rent Lost season 3 on dvd b/c its AMAZING! We caught up on the last season because LOST is probably the only show not effected by the writers strike. And the new season starts next week!!
  • I got Gus to start snowboarding, and he's finally past the beginner level!! I feel like such a proud parent. (and the marshmellow man looking at the pic above! lol)
  • While he was snowboarding, some kids on the chairlift yelled down "hey look- its a yardsale" which at first he thought was intended toward his snowboarding outfit. It wasn't until we were at the bar later when I told my mom about the story. She quickly assured as that a yard sale is when a skier takes a huge wipe out and they lose their skiis, poles, hat, etc. SSSSOOOOO, Gus they were not talking about you! I still think its hilarious though
  • YOGA TOES, love them, but I must admit it took a little bit of getting used to. The whole point of them is to stretch your feet out, but if you have small feet, the stretching is a little agitating. Afterwards you totally felt it.. And I must admit- I've been walking better ever since. Ahhh kidding about the walking part.
NBC was the only channel we get at our cabin, so when only Carson Daly's NYE countdown was on- we didn't think it was a big deal. THEN at 11:58pm, A-Rod shows up and starts talking about the Yankees. OMG we were yelling at the tv, but then someone in the crowd threw a bag of pretzels at him, so it totally made our NYE!Switchback Beer. Yummmmm.Gus was in charge of making the fire, I was in charge of dishes. It was an even match..Rocco and the Bear. The resemblance is haunting.

Ahhh can't wait to go back for some more snowboarding! Just gotta check the good ole '08 Holiday schedule at work to see what weekends are available.


freeandflawed said...

I thought the new season of Lost didn't start until the end of January?

Looks like you had fun though! I like that someone threw a bag of pretzels at the TV :)

Julie Q said...

Ahhh Jenn you are totally right! I just checked and its January 31st. What am i going to do until then? asjklsdfadf

legallyheidi.com said...

ha! that's awesome.

Awww switchback!!! Not a huge fan myself but my best friend at home loves it!

nicoleantoinette said...

I WANT YOGA TOES! Haha, glad you had such a good time! The pictures are lovely and you? are adorable.

Michelle said...

i've always wanted to try snowboarding! jealous!

Nanette said...

Yard sale! That's AWESOME!

Sounds like a great celebration! Happy New Year!

Katelin said...

Oooh looks like a fabulous New Years! Glad you had such a good time and I love the pics.

WeezerMonkey said...

Happy new year!

Eyes As Windows said...

OH your puppah is so cute! congrats on having a snug, wintery new year! Yeah!

Virginia said...

GAH! I am SO excited for Lost!! I got the third season for Christmas and I can't stop watching it...it's so addicting.

Your trip looks so amazing! Glad you had fun!

R said...

Brrr...your pictures make me want to put on a sweater. :) Sounds like a fun celebration despite. :)