January 28, 2008

A 'Real Simple' Super Bowl Party

Real Simple's February '08 issue had a few cute (and healthy- GASP!) ideas for your Super Bowl Party. Note: If you are going to a Giants themed party, make sure you bring lots of alcohol.. cos you're going to need something to drain your sorrows with!! Following recipes & ideas from RealSimple.com
Spec-taters: a yummy version of Tater Skins.
Create a potato bar by baking a 15-ounce package of Alexia Oven Fries frozen potato wedges (available at supermarkets) and serving them warm with a variety of toppings, like chopped red onion, salsa, grated Cheddar, jalapeƱos, and low-fat sour cream.

Brews that Represent each team.
Pats: Sam Adams Boston Lager
Giant: Brooklyn Lager

Pigskins in a Blanket: click here for the recipe

Decorations: (even though the hubs would probably veto some of these!)
Show off your home-field advantage with a festive football-themed decor (shown). Cut coasters out of AstroTurf ($1 per square foot at www.ondecksports.com, or go to your local hardware store). Set out potted wheatgrass (available at flower shops and nurseries) topped with pennants and mini footballs (check out www.michaels.com and www.partycity.com). Design your table runner to look like a football field; just spread out Con-Tact Chalkboard Contact Paper ($6 for a roll, 18 inches by six feet, at www.amazon.com) and draw yard lines with chalk and a ruler. Then leave out the chalk and let your guests strategize their own plays throughout the party.

Hostess with the Mostess blog
is also going to be featuring some goodies for the game throughout the week.

Go Pats!

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freeandflawed said...

The food is one of the more exciting parts of the Super Bowl, aside from the commercials. Unless the Bears were in it. Then my eyes would be glued to the screen from start to end :)

Michelle said...

spec-taters is the cutest name for superbowl food!

Andrea said...

May I remind you, my dear Freader.. that the G-Men only lost by 3pts to your beloved Pats. Not to mention, Mr Brady was seen with a little boot on his foot, for a sprained ankle. You better watch out for my men Strahan and Uminyora, Mr Model banger may get a little banged himself :D

nicoleantoinette said...

Cute post Julie. Although, you know... go giants!


Katelin said...

Ooh what a cute post. I love Real Simple, I have yet to get my February edition.

R said...

I can never imagine a real Super Bowl Party allowing cutesy decorations. Boys would hate this, yet it looks so fun!

Susie said...

Oooh I loveee these ideas!!!

And I totally agree about the Giants fans needing LOTS of alcohol :)