January 21, 2008

Simon Cowell sounds a lot cooler than i thought

Radar Mag recently told readers 50 things you did NOT know about Simon Cowell. Note: I was never an American Idol fan.. until last season, and now shockingly enough I'm hooked!

A few of my favorite Simon facts, thanks Radar!:

  • The one luxury item he'd take to the island? A mirror, "because I'd miss me."
  • Tamyra Gray is his favorite Idol contestant.
  • He only reads tabloids.
  • Eventually he was hired by BMG, making albums for acts like the Teletubbies, the WWF, David Hasselhoff, and the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers.
  • Since then, he's slept with 100 or so women by his best guess. "I based my estimate on when I lost my virginity, figured that it was roughly 25 years ago and guessed that I had slept with an average of three to four women a year," he explains.
  • Simon's ex-girlfriend Jackie, whom he dated 19 years ago and refers to as his "best friend in the world," accompanies him on family vacations with his girlfriend, brothers, and mother.
  • Supposedly 5'9", he sports shoes with enormous heels.

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Maxie said...

Oh, how I <3 simon. I kind of think he's yummy.

Virginia said...

I too wear enormous heels. I bet Simon and I would be BFF's in real life.

Nanette said...

Very interesting! I only watch AI during the auditions. I stop once they narrow it down in Hollywood.

nicoleantoinette said...

I've heard a lot of these before, and I agree, he sounds a lot cooler than I thought.

LBIC said...

Is it sad that I find Simon somewhat attractive. I don't even mind the hiked up pants.

Katelin said...

Haha, I love it. A mirror. Such a Simon thing to say.

KT said...

love him!

R said...

I don't watch AI even though last season I got a ton of calls because my friends and fam said Jordan Sparks resembled me. I did tune in a couple time to peep the resemblance. :)