January 5, 2008

Well, which side did it fall on?

So I've been in a little tiff with my camera's memory card as of late. You think with 2GBs it'd work.. but no- every time I try to upload my pictures, half of them turn 'corrupt' and disappear! I'm just going to buy a new one so this doesn't happen anymore. Anyhoo- we went to the Celtics game last night with Neal & Jenny, and their kick ass relatives from Maine, Fouachee & Gavin. The game was a really good time, because the Celtics are having a great season so far *i mean- why wouldn't they, being from the best city ever! mwahhahahaha*

The reason I brought up my camera memory card story is that out of all the cool pictures I took of the game, the only one that didn't get corrupt was the one with my beer cup fully in the way! Stay classy Julie! (and you can totally tell from this angle that we had court side seats, right?)
After the game we took the T (aka subway system in Boston) over to Deep Ellum, the best after hours (in our case 10:30pm?) bar around.

Gus & Gavin waiting for the T. Yes, my husband is wearing a scarf with oozies on it. Thanks Urban Outfitters!Fouachee & Gavin

While the game was very exciting, I think the best part was the girl sitting next to me. She was trying to carry her beer and a pizza to her seat and right before she sat down, her pizza went flying onto the floor. Everyone around was like "NNNOOOO" but then offered their support saying there's a 30 second rule in Boston. I nudged her and asked "Well.. which side did it fall on?" Only for her to laugh and say "Yep, definitely the cheese side" in which i blurted out without thinking "OH yeah. That just sucks" But she ate it anyway!!!

So then I asked Gus if he could pretend to take a picture of me but really get the pic of her eating this 100% bacteria free snack. I figured it was blogworthy.
I think that pizza was the Celtics good luck charm that night! 100-96 win over the Grizzlies!


Jamie Lovely said...

haha, oh gosh. that girl is far more brave than i.

legallyheidi.com said...

thats so gross hahahahahaha esp. on the garden floor. Naassstaaayyy.

Kay said...

hahaha!! nasty girl =)

ali said...

eww the pizza from the floor girl..barfaroni

Katelin said...

haha, that's hilarious. and pretty gross too.

LBIC said...

ew that's so gross. people step in pee outside and then walk in and now she's eating the pee (or worse) off of other people's shoes! ugh

R said...

Definitely blog worthy. And tell Gus thanks for snapping that. I might not have believed she actually ate it unless I saw that. Ew.