January 1, 2008

A Year in Review

While I wish I could pick a 2007 recap as funny as E! Network's Talk Soup (by far my most favorite show EVER), I've never taken the time to pull off a New Years post. UNTIL NOW. Similar format to Jamie's over at Oh! How Lovely!, thanks girl :)

2007 Highlights

- Long awaited Honeymoon to the Bahamas
- Enjoying a year with NO WEDDING PLANNING!
- Switching jobs to a company I really believe in.
- Finally finding blogs and bloggers that totally rock. It frickin' brightens up my day.
- Buying my MacBook
- 3 Month long summer vacation (which pretty much consisted of sunbathing, gym, blogging at the coffee house, learning how to cook, ironing, and job searching)

2007 Lowlights (and we ain't talkin' about hair)

- Job searching for 3 months (interviews, cover letters, blah blah blahhh) Yeah its kind of stressful when you have NO CLUE what you're going to do next
- Losing all my faith in Britney Spears
- Another year of music video-less MTV
- Heidi & Spencer
- A horrible cycle of ANTM
- That most of my lowlights are based on pop culture?????

2008 Resolutions

- To try out a new type of food/restaurant every month. Yikes, looks like I'll finally have to try fish (besides fried calamari!)
- Show a little more interest in UFC/mixed martial arts because its important to the hubs (he's been training since our wedding for his first fight later on in '08) I usually just roll my eyes when he talks about it, but maybe its not that bad.
- To only drink a drink when I actually WANT one. I realized that half the time I have a glass of wine or a cold brewski, its more out of habit.
- And as always, to make sure I scratch behind my dog Rocco's ears every day, because he loves it.



WeezerMonkey said...

Happy new year!

nicoleantoinette said...

Thanks for the recap, good luck with all the resolutions, especially the restaurant one (which sounds like so much fun)!

legallyheidi.com said...

nice resolutions :)

and rocco's ears look like they would be awesome to scratch behind. I love me some floppy puppy ears.

Happy New Year!

Jamie Lovely said...

Oh man. If I would have included stuff about "celebrities" my lists would have been miles long!

Definitely agree on Speidi and ANTM. Booooo.

Marriage-101 said...

Your hubs wants to be a UFC fighter? Holy crap! That is some hard core stuff.

Maxie said...

Fish is yummy. I wasn't into it for a really long time, but after watching Take Home Chef (on TLC) I started cooking it and now I love it.

My low point is the writers' strike. I miss my shows!!!

Katelin said...

You had quite the year and I hope 2008 is even better!

Happy New Year! :)

willikat said...

happy new year, love! i got a huge kick out of your lowlights. i'm glad the worst thing in your life was bad pop culture; that's probably a blessing.

LBIC said...

Awe, I've never tried fish either. I tell everyone I'm allergic but in reality I just hate the smell and don't find it at all appetizing.

R said...

Great list! Great recaps! BTW, I absolutely love The Soup. My Hubbs kind of looks like Joel. It's like watching the richer, funnier version of my husband every Friday night! :) Happy New Year!!