February 13, 2008


Why hasn't there been a show like Sex & The City since Carrie and the girls signed off a few years ago? I've given Lipstick Lesbians and Cashmere Sopranos a chance, and probably will continue to watch them as I cry holding onto my DVR remote.. but they totally suck! The women are all ridiculously loaded, they whine, I cannot relate to them whatsoever, none of their relationships are believable, and they seem way too smug. Then I read an article in this week's EW titled "The Search for the Next Sex & The City" and came to a better understanding why all these shows are failing miserably. Check out the article here.
A few excellent points from the article:

  • SATC was the first of its kind back in '98 when it debuted.. no one had paid attention to women this way before, and it finally gave women a voice. While Ally McBeal was hitting the airwaves, the huge difference was that SATC embraced singledom while Ms Flockhart's character questioned feminism with her need to have a man in her life.
  • while many have blatently failed (um.. Heather Graham in the horrible "Emily's Reasons Why Not" and "Jake In Progress"- have mercy) a few shows have actually used the SATC formula and done well.. such as Desperate Housewives, Entourage, Girlfriends..
  • what do SATC fans want? EW says "It's about the coolest, smartest women around, living out TV versions of our lives." And even brings up a lady on tv right now who DOES embody that.. Tina Fey's character on 30Rock, Liz Lemon. Lemon is AWESOME! If you haven't heard of 30 rock, click here and read up on her character's wikipedia page. I would totally watch a show about her and her cool funny friends.

Until then, I will keep surfing the web for SATC movie spoilers, counting down to spring when it arrives in theater near me, and watching the repeats on TBS.. patting my self on the shoulder knowing that I can quote about 84% of each and every episode (thats actually a pretty good estimate)

And Liz Lemon, if you need a sarcastic fellow spinster in the making to grab a coffee with, gimme a holla! Plus we totally have the same ringtone (Ride of the Valkyries)

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willbraden said...

Rich, white women, obsessed with shoes that define themselves at every single moment by who they are dating or not dating? That's an average woman?

I guess I don't know a lot of average women. I always thought this show got a lot more accolades for being some sort of lightning rod for female empowerment than it actually deserved. At least Bridget Jones was funny while it set women back 20 years.

And here's a question? Why did Carrie's columns contain 90% questions? Would any real editor accept that? I would laugh at the end of every episode as she launched into yet another faux-intellectual diatribe on her dating life.

At least they got it right that all gay men are look-obsessed effete fashion snobs who are just looking to have sex any time they can. Oh wait, that's another ridiculous stereotype.

Sex and the City embodies real women about as much as The Sopranos empowers Italian-Americans.

Maxie said...

for now I guess i'll settle for reruns.

i do freakin love entourage though!

Phantom Hater said...

Ouch! Definitely not a SATC fan. Dude, lighten up.

I actually started liking this show when forced to watch it with a past GF. I was totally against it when it first came out years ago, because of similar first impressions like willbraden's. I've seen all the episodes.

There is a lot to be said for watching a "girl's show" to wonder why women are obsessed with it and maybe learn something about the other sex.

I don't really think the girls "embraced singledom", except maybe Samantha and to a lesser extent, Miranda. Carrie was actually a little needy in her relationships and was always complaining about being single in her 30's. I think the end of the show confirmed that, which to me was a letdown. She waited for the powerful, rich guy to come sweep her off her feet, even though he was kind of a douche throughout most of the show.

In reality, the women probably didn't represent your average girl, since they were all pretty wealthy with great careers. They represented more what women want to be. The average girl is not buying $1000 Manolo Blahnik shoes and living in a sweet NYC apartment without drowning in credit card debt.

Yes, I think Carrie as a writer was a hack, but obviously since the show was so popular, plenty of women would probably have read her column if it existed in real life because they related to her dating woes.

Susie said...

Veryyy good points. I think every show just seems like it's trying too hard now.

I couldn't relate to the ladies of SATC in terms of their lifestyles, but in terms of their feelings, emotions, friendships, etc, I totally could (wow, I sound like such a girl!) And their lifestyles weren't so outrageous (um, like the newer shows) that it was still realistic. I guess it's kind of where I *hope* to be when I'm their age.

I think the movie is going to be aewsome, but it's going to leave me sad and wanting more!

Lacey Bean said...

I miss SATC!!!!!

My friend actually cried when it ended, which I found funny.

I haven't watched any of those new (rip off) shows. I'm just waiting for the movie to come out in May!!

And I can watch the DVDs of SATC over and over again. Ughhhh so good!!

Katelin said...

I was never a huge SATC fan but I do love the TBS reruns that's for sure. And I have yet to watch either of the new shows and I don't think I will, for similar reasons you listed. It's so hard to relate to these women on TV sometimes that I really just feel no need to watch.

R said...

I haven't had a chance to see the new wannabe shows. Sounds like I'm not missing much.

Virginia said...

I never really got into SATC when it was on tv (the perils of not having HBO), but there was one winter break when I rented all of the seasons and watched them. In a row. And fell in love.

carrie lea said...

I haven't seen any of the new shows, but oh how I miss SATC!! It's great to read those 2 comments by men, but I don't think either of them get it, nor should they. It's a woman thing.

I read an article once that gave an interesting reason to why these new shows don't hold a candle to SATC: 9/11. It said that since 9/11, women feel the need to get married and have a bunch of babies, rather than live live as a single feminist. It gave examples in the media, especially celebrities that are rushing to the alter and how everyone is obsessed with "baby bumps". I don't necessarily agree with it, but it was an interesting point of view.

brandy said...

I think the problem is that people keep looking and waiting and wishing for a show that will be exactly like SATC- and that's impossible. It was great because it was unique.

I've started watching Cashmere Mafia, and although I appreciate that the women are all independent, it's also one of the reasons I DON'T like the show. Sometimes it feels like, the 'independent woman' theme is hammered home a little too hard.

What made SATC great was that it was four people with completely different views. Charlotte (in many ways) often fought against what the traditional 'independent woman' was like. She wanted to get married, she liked the idea of giving up her job to stay at home... etc.

Anyway, I don't think I've really even managed to make a point, or say what I meant to say but I do feel that trying to compare SATC to another show is like trying to compare apples to basketball shoes. It doesn't work.

emrlds said...

god i miss that show. seriously, it's satc before i pass out most nights. even if i can say all the lines with them. when i get my fat refund check from the gov, i'm heading to buy the set of all seasons. and then stay home for 3 days with a box of wine and some ben and jerrys. =)

Exposed said...

Yep, I'll agree that nothing lives up to SATC (I blogged about it too!

But what was groundbreaking about the show was not that women related to their lives- it was the subjects they talked about. We may covet (or laugh at their obsession with) their shoes, but nowhere else outside the pages of Cosmo could you find a discussion of "fuck buddies" and "funky spunk".

The new show may do their mediocre best to fill a void, but this years Oscar winner is very rarely a blockbuster sequel.

Marriage-101 said...

I've been asking those same questions but about the sitcom "Friends." Why aren't sitcoms good anymore?

Michelle & the City said...

i completely agree! nothing will ever compare to sex & the city. but like you, i'll keep watching the other 2. why do we torture ourselves?! lol