February 3, 2008

Fellow RIT'er in a Super Bowl Commercial!

What many of you may not know is that the National Technical Institute for the Deaf is located at RIT.. so I was psyched to see an Alumni Email blast this week mentioning that an alumni is featured in a Pepsi commercial airing during the superbowl tonite! I watched it on Youtube, and absolutely LOVED IT! He is the guy who is seated in the passengers seat and his name is Darren Therriault. Check it out. Oh. and GO PATS! asdljkfadsljkadsflkjasdflkjsfda

update: commercial was played during the pregame show. And we lost, so please feel free to kick a bostonian when they are down and comment away. Congrats to the Giants. One love.

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Susie said...

Ooh that's so cool. My cousin went to RIT so I knew about the National Technical Institute for the Deaf. Good for him!!

And GO PATS!!!!

emrlds said...

great commercial!

GO PATS!!!!! =D

freeandflawed said...

Eff'in Giants!!!

Andrea said...

Humble pie... humble pie you say :D None will be served at my house today :D And you know what, all the commercials, I thought, weren't even that good this year!

Sarah said...

Not gonna gloat, but glad they won. What can I tell you?

I missed that commercial :(

R said...

As I fellow sports fan (but not in a crazy kind of way) who's team didn't even make it to the Bowl...I feel your pain. At least a little. Your team did actually get farther than mine. And beat my team (twice) to get there. And beat them last year in the playoffs denying them of a shot at the Super Bowl. Hmm...all of a sudden I'm not feelin' too pained after all. ;)

Jus' kidding!!