February 10, 2008

Football Sunday turned into 90210 Sunday

What an awesome way to start this sports free day! I found two back to back episodes of 90210 playing on SoapNet *8am-10*. I haven't watched an ep of 90210 in like 6 years.. and its just as fun and dramatic and awesome as I remember! Besides the hair and some of the outfits and those damn circle sunglasses every guy seemed to wear, this show is totally not dated at all. Dated- is when you watch an episode of Save by the Bell and think to yourself.. did I really take that show seriously at one point? No.. 90210 hit about every topic and situation imaginable.

In just 2 hrs I've dealt with...
- being a freshman at college
- sorority and fraternity life
- a carjacking
- a whirlwind romance with Stuart
- Jim Walsh getting a raise. go dad!
- dating my RA who doesn't want anyone to know (scandalous!)
- an apartment meeting at the beach house b/c david won't clean up after himself (how much do you love how every color of my apartment is a different pastel!)
- a coffee and intervention at the Peach Pit, i don't think I've ever seen Nat in other clothes
- John Sears pursuing me after telling Dylan we should see other people
- purchasing a Porsche
- Porsche getting carjacked

What an awesome way to start a Sunday..

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Andrea said...

I Seriously used to LOVE that show! OH Dillan, *swoon!*

emrlds said...

wow i wish i had been up for this today. i love soapnet at the parent's house. =)

Exposed said...

Du-nuh-nuh-nuh, Du-nuh-nuh-nuh *clap, clap*
Oh my heart swoons just hearing the theme! The Hills just can't compare to the drama, the clothes, the hair that was the male equivalent of "the Rachel". I could waste hours on end any time I come across a marathon.

Which 90210 character did you relate most to?

Nanette said...

Donna Martin graduates! Donna Martin graduates!

R said...

So freakin' funny. I caught a blip of 90210 the other day and it took me back in time.

Apparently your husband is not into ALL sports. Our TV had basketball, the Pro-Bowl, and hockey on yesterday. It.never.ends.

Sarah said...

I have Seasons 1 and 2 on DVD and LOVE. IT.

I can't wait to get to the ones where Brenda and Donna go to Paris a.k.a. the Universal Backlot