February 2, 2008

I didn't know they made awards for 10th place?

So the results are in for the 20SB awards here. And sadly enough, the JQ Lounge did not win for best design, but the good news is, at least a very pretty blog won! Plus a bunch of friends that I voted for woo hooo!

But I'm going to pull a Zoolander and give my acceptance speech anyways..

First, I would like to thank my Intro to HTML class that I took freshman year at college. Sure I didn't get what href meant and managed to accidentally delete my 'mock website about puffins' 5 minutes before our exam ended, and settled with a C, but that C gave me the 'c'onfidence to try and make this little blog into the orgasmic blast of color and polka dots that keep you coming back.

I'd also like to thank alcohol, that ties into this bar themed design. And makes me hilarious.

Rocco, you're my muse.. keep chasing your tail and sitting on my feet when I type of these posts, but please don't try to eat my socks because thats just annoying and frankly.. it tickles.

Gusman, I promise I will one day learn to shut the MacBook off and just watch a tv show with you.

To the homegirls that leave me comments even though they can just email me and actually get a quicker response, but they know I love to blog and am an attention whore that likes comments too :)

And last but certainly not least.. my bloggettes.. y'all are funny and cool, and I have even found a few girls out there with a television obsession as big as mine! When is 20sb going to put together a conference where we can go party?! Vegas, yes? Fine I'd EVEN settle for California!

**This is the part, where the Emcee comes in and says "But Julie Q, you didn't win?!"**

And when I leave to go drown my sorrows in a Mocha Orange Frappacino!
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Andrea said...

Your a winner in our eyes!!!

Maxie said...

Awww I'm sorry you didnt win, but your acceptance speak was still quite funny... I love Zoolander!

Jamie Lovely said...

We still love you! I loved your acceptance speech though!

Vegas ftw!

PrincessPolly said...

That was brilliant! Well done on not winning purely for that speech! :)

Exposed said...

Well, at least your blog is really, really, really, extremely, ridiculously good looking, and that means more than any award!

tiff said...

you're blog is for us blogettes who want to learn to read good, and do other things good too. I think it's adorable!

Julie Q said...

What is this.. a blog for ants?!? This blog needs to be at least 3 times the size.
[insert Blue Steel]

Virginia said...

HAHAHA! I love your acceptance speech. And I still love your blog, even if it didn't win. Mine didn't win either...you want to go have a losers party together?

nicoleantoinette said...

Um,I totally want to come to the losers party with you and Virginia. That would be WAY better than winning any day. :)

Katelin said...

Lovely acceptance speech, I couldn't have written one better myself. And I'll come join the loser party with Nicole and Virginia for sure, what state shall we host it in?

R said...

There are so many reasons why I love this post. You scored some major cool points in my book Julie Q. Well, except for that settling for California part. ;)