February 7, 2008

I need your 'wisdom'

SO, today I visited Mr. Oral Surgeon, and got the great news that I should get my wisdom teeth out.

The only thing that bugs me, is that he wasn't like:
"You absolutely need to get this done, your wisdom teeth are at war with your teeth and at one point, a jagged incisor will pop out of your cheek, and mess up your Benetint Cheek Stain makeup"

He was more like:
"Yes, I see some wisdom teeth, and this will be a great preventative measure! Either they'll never bother you.. or next week you could have an infection in your gums!" (but said in a very nice kind of way)

Honest to blog? For shizzle? Fortunately- my insurance will pay for some of it and it'll only come out to me paying around $950. But wtf. There are SO many flippin' things I could do with that $. Plus I'm going to Mexico in April and do not feel like going through this chipmunk cheek phase beforehand. Whaahh whaaahh whaaaah.

Tell me everything about wisdom teeth removal. My doctor did not get my joke when I said I'd need to wikipedia the options (aka anesthesia, sedation, etc..). I would cherish your imput
**as long as its shiny happy stories about how it tickles and you instantly lost 15 lbs as soon as the procedure was over!**

blerg. at least Lost is on tonite!

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Katelin said...

Well I had my wisdom teeth out three years ago I think it was and it wasn't that horrible. However I do recommend getting the procedure done in the morning, it made the sleeping part super easy for me.

And afterwards I just went home and slept for a long time and constantly kept gauze in my mouth and ice. I never looked like a chipmunk, which was very nice and had very minimal after pain. I just rested and didn't eat a whole lot for a couple days, which wasn't too too bad.

So point being, I think you should be fine. But gah it is expensive, I remember mine. And they were like "this tooth is 250$, and this one is 300$, etc." It just made me cringe.

Okay I just wrote a mini novel, stopping right this instant. :)

Andrea said...

I had my wisdom teeth out when hubs and I were dating. It was really easy surgery. Your mouth is sore, yeah, but you get anesthesia and I was only out of commission for maybe 2 days. The first day was the worst, b/c they asked me to swallow a pill and I was so out of it, I tried to do it with the cotton still in the back of my mouth :) I would do it. A wisdome tooth infection would hurt like a bitch. It really isn't that bad :D Hope that helps!

Sarah said...

Mine was HORRIBLE. It was the summer before my senior year. It wasn't my usual dentist, but some surgeon my dentist referred me to. They strapped me down to a gurney while I was awake (!) and I woke up screaming, crying and shaking. For the record I have been under before and woken up wonderfully, begging for more drugs, so it wasn't the anesthesia. I came home, promptly threw up (blood) and didn't get out of bed OR eat for a week. I lost ten pounds, in a bad way and looked awful. He gave me the kind of stitches that don't disolve, which I heard is very unusual nowadays and I got the loss of feeling/hyper sensitivity in my jaw and lip that they warn you about but swear to you that it happens to no one. Yep, still feel funny on the bottom left side of my face, 9 years later.

Advice: Get a young doctor who knows every new procedure out there.

Sarah said...

Oh, the upside: It was right before my hubby and I started dating, and he saw me that first day, mouth packed full of gaws, drooling blood and told me I looked cute. AND hand-made me a get well card. That was the day I knew that boy LOVED me.

nicoleantoinette said...

I got mine out right after I graduated from high school and I was in bed for like a day, maybe. I hardly swelled up at all and really think it's worth it if they're going to possibly be a painful, mouth crowding problem later.

But seeing as how I'm poor, I get that it's a tough call!

Amy said...

I got mine out late in life about 2 years ago. They had all broken through the gum. I had them out using novacaine and laughing gas. All four were out in about 10 minutes. I slept in bed for a full day afterward dealing with the pain (they gave me great meds and it was a vacation from the kids!) All in all, I should have done it earlier (I need braces now!) but I wouldn't stress its not that bad. My chipmunk cheeks lasted about two days. They weren't as bad as I thought they'd be. Good luck Julie Q!

Larissa said...

Yes, LOST tonight!!!!!

I got mine pulled, and am glad I did it. My dentist basically told me the same thing as yours, but ended with, "You may as well get it over with, and never have to worry about them again." I thought that was sage advice.

legallyheidi.com said...

i got mine out about a week and a half before christmas a few years ago. i think i was a sophomore or middler at NU. The procedure was relatively simple...i didn't my jaw sawed or anything which pleased me. The procedure took about a half hour for me and i got all 4 teeth out, i didn't look like a chipmunk (my sister did! HAHA!) but i was in a bit of pain - a dull achy pain...nothing a vicodin or two doesn't fix.

Lots of soft food - jello, ice cream, mashed potatoes...:)

carrie lea said...

I got mine out last year and it was totally fine. Except for the face that my whole life they were telling me I don't have any wisdom teeth, and then one check up, BOOM i haver them and they need to be taken out or else they will mess up all the work my 2+ years of braces did. It was worth it, and the drugs they give you are good too :)

Laurie said...

Totally take the general anesthesia! You don't want to hear all of that awful drilling. It's never good when they tell you that you might find bits of tooth embedded in your cheeks in the coming days.

Oh - and read up on dry sockets. You DON'T want to get them. But I did and lived to to tell:)

Susie said...

I don't have them as far as I know. Thank God! Then again, I haven't been to the dentist in ages, so I should probably do that.

Don't worry...it's such routine surgery, I know tons of people who have gotten it done and were just fine a few days later :)

R said...

Holy hell. I need mine out too and have been putting it off. I am reading and learning along with you. :)

lw said...

I WISH I COULD DO IT AGAIN!.. seriously... they gave me an IV AND the laughing gas. It was the best high i've had in my life. No complications, just sore afterwards, I didn't swell either.

Just look at it as your one time to blow $950 on an expensive high.

Exposed said...

Im in the two days, no big deal category, but my best friend got dry sockets and had a miserable experience.
Pay very close attention when they tell you how to clean them out (preferably pre-drugs).

Definitely talk someone you know into picking you up and taking you home the first day- I had mom with me which was such a blessing! She woke me up- because pain meds knocked me out- every half hour to switch and ice pack to the other cheek. I barely swelled at all!

I recommend doing it if you've ever had dental work done, because as expensive as it may sound, braces probably cost more.

Good luck!

Lisa G said...

Julie I have the EXACT same situation (and cost too-Blue cross dental???) I would not go thru it without the sedation...even if I'm numb as heck I dont wanna see anything! I decided to wait awhile tho cuz it uses up all your insurance for the year...with my luck I'd fall and knock teeth out before jaclyns wedding or something...

Marriage-101 said...

I had mine removed over spring break in college. Mine were barely poking out (some weren't at all) so they had to CUT THEM OUT! I was knocked out for the procedure and the first day was fine. I spent the rest of the week on pain killers, eating pudding and VERY soft things (apparently you're not supposed to suck things like shakes from straws because the pressure can mess with your stitches). I did end up with four GIANT holes in my mouth that I had to clean out with a syringe for about 3 weeks. So even though it's a major pain, the beautiful work of my braces won't be affected and I'll never have to deal with an infected wisdom tooth ever again! Hooray!
P.S. They say as you get older, it's more risky to do the procedure because the teeth can sometimes grow close to a certain nerve that, if severed or disrupted could cause paralysis of the face. So don't wait TOO long!