February 24, 2008

Oscar Red Carpet Peanut Gallery with the Hubs

The following are tidbits of banter from the Hubs, who gets completely roped into watching E! Red Carpet Special with me every year.

Steve Carell & His Wife
Gus: WHOA. who is with Steve Carell?
Me: Thats his wife- she's the Realtor on The Office
G: She looks like Cameron Diaz.
Patrick Dempsey
G: Is that the guy in Mystic River?
Me: Who? Kevin Bacon?
G: No- the guy who dated Madonna in the 80s.. and he's the main character in Mystic River
Me: Sean Penn?!
G: YES! Sean Penn..
Me: NO its Patrick Dempsey
G: Well he looks exactly like Sean Penn
[for the rest of the night, every time they showed Patrick Dempsey, he'd say- oh wait. THERE's Sean Penn]

John Travolta
G: What's he got on his head?
Me: Not really sure... {and Perez totally agreed with us}

Gary Bucee
(when he was harassing Ryan Seacrest and Jennifer Garner)
G: FINALLY.. this could be the greatest television in Oscar History.

Cameron Diaz
G: Does she still date Justin Timberlake?
Me: OMG Gus, get on your US Weekly reading. I'm going to pretend I didn't hear that..
Side note: was she wearing any makeup?!? Naturally pretty biatch!

Tilda Swinton
G: Who's that?
Me: She's the lawyer from the movie we watched 2 HOURS AGO! (michael clayton)
Me: She was also in the Chronicles of Narnia as the Ice Queen.
G: And she was also in Harry Potter as one of his wizard classmates
[at this point he's cracking up]
G: And she was a gold medalist in the '06 Winter Olympics.. (referring to Shawn White)

and THAT is all I got out of him for Oscar Commentary this evening! Happy Oscar Viewing!!! and thank you oscar.com for the pics!

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Maxie said...

hahahaha hilarious. Oscars were soooooo boring this year. bleh

Princess Consuela Banana Hammock said...

hahahaha!!!! i love how boys dont keep up with celeb gossip like we do.

i 2nd. the oscars werent all that amazing.

Andrea said...

Was that Gary Bucee thing the FUNNIEST THING EVER! Hubs went into the other room, and came back for the oscars, but I HAD to rewind and show him. He thought Good Ole Gary was on drugs or something. I mean, shit dude, you almost elbowed JENNIFER GARNER in the FACE!! LOL!

nicoleantoinette said...

Ah haha this is hilarious. "And she was a gold medalist in the '06 Winter Olympics," haha I'm still laughing out loud about this.

Laurie said...

Love it!

John Travlota is looking real scary lately. Doesn't he have plugs or something?

Katelin said...

Haha love the commentary. I thought the same thing about John Travolta, oy.

KT said...

great post! so funny.

Michelle & the City said...

ok your husband's crazy. patrick dempsey looks nothing like sean penn! he's WAY hotter!! :)

Virginia said...

Gus sounds awesome. More fashion and celeb-oriented conversations with him in the future please? Hahaha.

willikat said...

love the hubby's comments. :)

Nanette said...

So hilarious!

emrlds said...

he's married to the realtor? what? how do i not know these things? dammit.

R said...

I love your Oscar watching peanut gallery commenting. :) So awesome.