March 17, 2008

Beer & Politics

Gus: I want to watch John Adams on HBO.. it got awesome reviews today on Howard Stern
ugh, but the new Bachelor starts tonite and he's from England!
Yeah- but you can just tvo it and watch it later
Fine.. but is his brother the beer brewer going to be in it?
Wait.. what?
Yeah- Sam Adams, wasn't that his brother?
Julie.. Sam Adams did not brew Sam Adams beer. It was started in 1985 by Jim Koch
Hmm. interesting- but the show is still based in Boston though, right?
Just go watch your Bachelor, b/c that will refresh your history skills

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nicoleantoinette said...

Ha! I watched neither The Bachelor nor the John Adams thing on HBO. I feel totally jipped.

Laurie said...

I DVRed the Bachelor last night but haven't watched yet.

I'm so excited! Was it good?

Lisa G said...

It's ok Julie...once while playing categories in college...(category: Presidents) I answered Sam Adams.

LBIC said...

lol that was hilarious. It's ok though. This one time during a college quiz game I yelled out Napoleon Dynamite instead of Bonaparte. It was the other team's fault, being that they named themselves The Ligers.

Larissa said...


We just bought a HUGE box of Sam Adams from Costco - and now anyone who peeks into our fridge will have concerns about us.