March 11, 2008

A Closer Look

  • my OTHER favorite thing.. besides celeb look-alikes is: CELEBS WITHOUT MAKEUP! Woo hooooo! Click here for the hawtness. Yuck, most of them are just as gorgeous without cover up.. sorry Donna Martin
  • It ain't called America's Next Top Maid.. the owners of the NYC Loft that this season's ANTM contestants stayed in are citing over 500K in damage. Messy skinny bitches!
  • Britney is guest-starring on How I Met Your Mother!! flippin' awesome.. and I'm hoping it means this show isn't going off the air anytime soon.
  • The average couple gets engaged two years, 11 months and eight days after first setting eyes on each other according to research. But WOMEN feel the need to be proposed to 4 mos earlier than that date.
  • Is your child too materialistic? Oh boy... someday... when I have kids.. I just have the worst feeling they are going to be a little materialistic. How can they not be in this day and age? Do kids even play with barbies anymore?
  • Wikipedia founder's EX girlfriend auctions off his clothing on eBay. It was an amicable split, and they stay the best of friends [is what their rep would say if they lived in Hollywood]

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Michelle & the City said...

that makes me feel normal seeing celebrities without makeup. everyone really CAN look like crap sometimes! lol

Katelin said...

Wow, I wonder if we'll see any of this ketchup and coffee throwing on Top Model, I bet it was Marvita.

R said...

Why is Tyra being so cheap about paying for the damage? She has mad cash and can take care of it. Come up off some money Tyra!

I heart that celebs look like boo-boo in real life. :)

Allie said...

Wow, Donna Martin looks like my next door neighbor without the false lashes and layers of spackle!

Kay said...

man! tori must really pile it on, cus she looks decent with makeup