March 9, 2008


WARNING: This is a big pity party post.. due to hunger, pain and exhaustionWorst. weekend. ever. Wisdom teeth surgery itself actually went great, I ended up getting full anesthesia so I don't think I even saw the doctor once! Its just been the following 48 hrs that have been horrible. My face didn't puff up until Saturday morning, and now I look like a freak show. I had even planned on posting a picture thinking it'd be funny to look back on, but I lose respect for myself every time I look in the mirror.

To sum it up, I look like:
Shallow Hal meets J-Lo pregnant with Quadruplets meets Charlize Theron from Monster..

Painkillers do not seem to be working, my face is still numb, I've had a fever and an ear-ache, and I think half of my lip has fallen off from being chapped. Have NO CLUE how I'm going to go back to work tomorrow, unless a surgeon from Extreme Makeover makes a house call and figures out how to drain some puffiness out of my face.

Alright enough with the depressing complaining.

Instead I'd like to do some pretend online shopping in my head and think about what I SHOULD'VE spent $1,000 on this weekend, instead of electing oral surgery!
Makeup: Hmmm I dropped $330 at MAC on wedding makeup 2 yrs ago and that only managed to fill up 2 small bags. So doing the math, I would buy 4 small bags worth of MACness.
Shoes: Instead of saying I'd buy 1.5 pairs of Jimmy Choos, I'd probably just go to DSW and pick about 12 pairs of shoes instead.. cos I like to have a lot of options for shoesie woosies in the morning. And knowing my luck, I'd break my Jimmy Choo heel within 1 week walking some Boston Cobblestone.

Luggage: I've been searching online for some cute luggage (because I think if you have just plain black luggage, the odds go up that the airline will totally LOSE it!) and unfortunately Gus will not agree to let me buy Betseyville Luggage (from Betsey Johnson). "Julie, you really think I'm going to take that hot pink thing as a carry on when I go on a business trip!?"

Clothes: J.Crew spring collection. SO up my alley. (minus the hat, I'm not THAT cool)

Donate to the MSPCA (Massachusetts Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals): They sent me the cutest address labels last week, and I made a small donation, but I'd love to make a bigger one.

Hope you all had a better weekend than me.. I'll think up a shiny happy post soon.

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Michelle & the City said...

um those pink shoes are HOTTTTTT

*sorry i was distracted*

hope you feel better soon. take lots of pain relievers and get some sleep. i'm sure the swelling will go down soon. but in the meantime have the hubby make you several batches of jello :)

WeezerMonkey said...

Oh, boo! I shall refrain from telling you how great my weekend was. :/

brandy said...

I'm definitely in summer-mode when my biggest swoon moment was over the shorts. I mean, you posted about shoes and MAC, and I'm gushing over shorts?! But the shorts are cute, not too long, not too short and are such a great color.

I'm off to check them out!

(And you could pull off the hat).

Most importantly- feel better soon!!!

Marriage-101 said...

Oh I'm sorry you're feeling so crummy!

But those shoes are cute. I think you should get them as your pitty party gift! :) said...

j crew spring line is love and enough to make anyone feel better. I totally think you should treat yourself to something pretty <3

feel better soon!!!

Nanette said...

I hope you're feeling better soon!

KT said...

now you're freaking me out. i have to get all 4 of my wisdom teeth out next month. ugh.

willikat said...

just the sight of all that mac makes my heart all a-flutter.

R said...

I still think you should have posted a picture of yourself. It will be a reminder of what you've been through and a warning to others. :) I hope you feel better and less puffy by now.