March 10, 2008

Rule 3: Don't Drink til the Bride gives the OK

I'm proud to say that I've never had to deal with a bridezilla (or be one!).. but The New York Post featured bride-to-be, Kristi Serrano, seems a little batshit crazy and uptight, and I kinda wish I could grab a drink with her sometime.

When she got engaged, she sent out a 7 page power point contract to her 12 bridesmaids, even though her wedding isn't until September '09. One was even "fired" when she refused to sign it.

Things in her contract:

  • DO get a tan before the big day, but you are NOT allowed to have tan lines!
  • Don't drink until the bride says its OK
  • Don't gain weight
  • $260 Bridesmaid dresses with a black satin heel (hey--at least she lets you pick either 1-3 inch heel)
  • professional nail, makeup and hairdos
  • Bridal shower, the bride is planning herself, but she will be in contact regarding "the costs you were incur as bridesmaids"
These days, those bullet points aren't anything out of the ordinairy so she may not be that crazy. Maybe the contract she took so seriously is why I think its whack! Would you really consider having bridesmaids sign a contract?

The only thing I made my b'maids sign was a confidentiality agreement.. so when I pulled a Naomi Campbell and chucked a cell phone at one of them, I wouldn't hear about it after I returned from my honeymoon :)
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Michelle & the City said...

hmm i don't know if i would ever sign a contract as a bridesmaid. maybe if my friend was a lawyer and she was used to that sort of thing. but, come on. a contract to tan before the wedding? i don't tan. so then what? i would either be burned to a crisp or pale after the peeling. lol

Katelin said...

Oh man I don't know if I would ever sign a contract either, that's insane. And all those rules, sheesh. I'm glad the wedding I'm in this summer has no guidelines whatsoever, haha.

Ps. Love your wedding pic :) said...

That's ridiculous. I hope I never become a crazy bride.

P.S. I love your wedding dress!

nicoleantoinette said...

Your gorgeous picture totally distracted me from the INSANITY above. I can't even imagine someone trying to make me sign that. I'd laugh in their face.

Lacey Bean said...

What is it with the crazy brides? Hilarious!

And I love love LOVE your wedding picture! You look stunning and the bridesmaid dresses are gorgeous! (Great color!)

LBIC said...

Awe, your wedding pic is cute.

I used to work at a bridal store and can give you horrifying stories on some crazy brides to be. It was a nightmare.

Nanette said...

Oooh, what a stunning bride you were!

Nah, no contract for my gals. They were all, well, mostly, pretty awesome. I have no complaints. :)

Marriage-101 said...

OMG your wedding photo is gorgeous!!

KT said...

wow you look gorgeous!

and i'm so over that whole bridesmaid thing. when i finally get married, i'm nixing the bridal party. short and sweet for me.

brandy said...

Pretty picture!! I love the color of your bridesmaid dresses.

As for bridezillas- ugh. I can't wrap my brain around the idea of getting so worked up about something that I would resort to powerpoint. Although, I have a weird hate on for powerpoint so I might be biased.

emrlds said...

sooo beautiful! love the pic.
i'm a bridesmaid in October. if there was a contract i think i'd be vacationing in aruba instead of at the wedding.

Andrea said...

I love that pic! Hell no I would never sign anything like that, but my question is... birds of a feather flock together, so maybe they knew she was that batshit crazy to begin with?

R said...

Nope, that bride was a crazy. Don't gain weight? Listen sister, you asked me to be a bridesmaid not a supermodel. If I wanna eat a cheeseburger, Imma eat a cheeseburger. So there!

I think the "fired" bridesmaid got lucky. ;)

P.S. You know you look wicked cute in your wedding photo so I'm not going to tell you again. Wait...I think I just did...

Maxie said...

The picture is so pretty :-) And your bridesmaids were very lucky, they actually got cute dresses!

As for the contract... I don't think I'd ever sign one unless it said I wasn't going to shave my head or do something crazy.