March 26, 2008

Yes, Dear!

GQ Magazine picked out history's 25 most whipped fellas. Finally a list I was actually stoked to read about!The best part of the article is when GQ says "But try not to laugh too loudly; your wife’s trying to watch Gossip Girl." AHHH Loves it.

A few of my favorite with excepts from the article, click here for the full list!

24. Rudy Guilliani: If the former New York mayor is serious about ever running for office again, he should think twice about paying his wife, Judy, a six-figure paycheck for “writing” speeches she’ll later interrupt with her phone calls.

18. Ben Stiller: There’s just something about Christine Taylor. How else to explain how Mrs. Stiller managed to grab plum parts in Zoolander and Dodgeball when those roles could’ve just as easily gone to actresses we’d actually heard of?

9. Howard Stern: Not only did the self-styled King of All Media break his promise to never remarry when he got engaged to Beth Ostrosky in 2007, but he also reportedly gushed, “I love you. You’re everything to me.… This is so gay.… I’m asking you to spend the rest of your life with me.” Since then, the Sirius-radio host has given over longer and longer segments of his show to coo to his beloved and promote her spaying, neutering, and pet-adoption crusade. Never lacking in self-awareness, Stern told People magazine, “Sometimes we fantasize about actually having a wedding with the white dress and the whole thing—because I look great in a white dress.”

6. Marc Anthony: “She’s always been the boss!” the lizardy Latin singer told People magazine about his El Cantante costar and producer, wife Jennifer Lopez. “That’s the first thing a man has to know.… Absolutely, no question about it.” At least Anthony is a man of his word: In 2007 the Grammy winner set out on tour with his new wife, performing as her opening act.

5. Josh Kelley: Marrying Knocked Up star Katherine Heigl might do wonders for the career of this James Blunt wannabe—she did appear in Kelley’s video—but since when did weddings become promotional events? Uh, when the bride’s got a big wedding-themed movie to carry. These striving newlyweds not only provided pictures of the big day to OK! magazine but were married three weeks before 27 Dresses tanked at the box office. At least the marriage outlasted the movie.

2. Doug Christie: A running joke among NBA fans holds that giving a friend a jersey emblazoned with the Sacramento Kings’ number 13 is a none too subtle indication that your buddy is terminally whipped. The swingman’s wife, Jackie, followed him on the road, where in a typical game she was treated to as many as fifty hand signals of love and affirmation. In 2002 his public subjugation was celebrated in the sports pages of The New York Times, where Christie boasted: “Every conversation I’ve ever had with a woman since we’ve been married, besides my wife, she knows about.”

1. Guy Ritchie: After the tough-talking shoot-’em-up Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels made him famous, the British director married long-in-the-tooth pop star Madonna and collaborated with her on a train wreck of a shipwreck comedy called Swept Away. The director gets extra lashes for embracing his wife’s trendy spiritual endeavors, reportedly sacrificing what’s left of his career cred on a yet-to-be-released documentary on Kabbalah. But the real reason he tops the list? This photo of Ritchie and Madge and a recently purchased strap-on. But really, who thought she needed one?

Who in Hollywood do you think should be on the list??

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LBIC said...

I love the fact that Marc Anthony used to be this chauvinistic macho asshole who was actually respected in the latin-american community, and now he's Jello's bitch. said...

Brad Pitt!

Michelle & the City said...

yes- brad pitt definitely

and i loved saving silverman. GREAT movie!

Katelin said...

I love the Saving Silverman quote, haha. And oh Josh, I heart him, but he truly is a whipped man.

I would definitely add Stedman or whatever his name is, Oprah's main man. And Al something, Star Jones hubby. He's as whipped as can be.

KT said...

ashton and demi.

nicoleantoinette said...

Ha, excellent list. I was gonna say Oprah's guy too, but Katelin beat me to it!!

R said...

Great list GQ! I think Dough Christie takes the cake on the whipped-o-meter. Yikes!