April 15, 2008


  • celebrating a sales promotion @ work. not bad to come back to after a weeks long vaca. didn't want to mention the interviewingness until i knew i got the job :) so there's a good chance i'll be traveling to some cities with my blogger friends in it within the next few months!
  • peeling off half my arm from a 'bout' with sun poisoning
  • uploading about 100+ pictures from mexico
  • staying away from a scale.. quesadillas, blue margaritas, and mexican nachos for breakfast are friggin amazing!
  • trying to catch up on bloggage. i feel so out of the loop! anything redonculous happen in the past week with any of y'all?! let me know!
  • wondering who got voted off ANTM? and Paradise Hotel 2 for that matter. (already caught up with Big Brother, the Soup and General Hospital)
  • mapping out ways to get to Mexico next time w/o having to deal with an airport, people, or long lines in customs where you have to take off your flipflops and walk barefoot through the metal detector. cos thats just hella lame.
  • cracking up at the new Office episode. Its like the writers kept all their hilarious jokes a secret during the strike, and put them all into a new episode featuring a dinner party at Michael Scotts. Best line ever "How would you like to invest in Serenity by Jan for $10,000." Followed by Andy's response. I want to watch that ep like 4 more times..
  • calling my dermatologist and asking how its possible that a Mediterranean like myself could have the skin of an albino in Mexico, getting a puffy horrible rash all over my arms. NOT cute with sundresses btw (but at least its disappearing now-- AND my face didn't get a rash!)
  • trying to remember what else I need to cancel after Gus lost his wallet in Mexico. Don't worry, for some reason my Soc card was in there. Why?! Couldn't tell ya... at least I took out all of his important cards out before we left.. and none of our accounts were touched before we cancelled them. JQ: 1 Identity Theft: 0

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Liene at Blue Orchid Designs said...

ummm . . . beyonce and jay-z tied the knot. did this news reach mexico?

congrats on your promotion! also, if you come to phoenix/scottsdale on one of your trips, let me know. we will get drinks.

Julie Q said...

lol thats funny you say that Liene- because people.com was the ONLY website I would allow myself to read on my vacation :)

Laurie said...

"I've thought about it, and I'm in."

That was THE BEST episode of the Office. I crack myself up thinking about it - Hunter's song, Pam is Michael's "ex-lover," Dwight's "date." Too much funny!

Michelle & the City said...

woo! congrats on the promotion. is columbus on your list? :)

footsie friend said...

ANTM was a lame recap. Boo.

Congrats on the promotion! Come to Chicago :)

Sarah said...

I'm so glad you're back. Sorry about the sun. It's intense in Mexico. Congrats on the prromotion. I knew you'd get it! Hope you come to LA.

Lisa G said...

Haha - the office was hilarious! OMG hilarious - let me know when you post pics..I'm uploading mine on my comp now:-)

WeezerMonkey said...

Welcome back!

If you come to L.A., I will throw a par-TAY for you!

nicoleantoinette said...

I'm so glad you're back! And congrats on the promotion :)

Now come to LA!

Susie said...

Welcome home and congrats on the promotion! Before you run off visiting other blogging cities, we need to have some sort of Boston get-together!!

Brittany said...

interesting that you liked the new episode of the office...i thought it was terrible! the office used to be my fave show but i totally lost faith after that ep. :/

Exposed said...

I just got back from a vacation and falling back into a routine again, too. LOVED the last Office (Jim's face during the vasectomy conversation- priceless!)

Here's to photo uploading nights and blog recapping days! :)