April 24, 2008


  • chucking all my sweaters and jackets down to the basement.. 80 degrees yesterday! When I sat outside by the Charles River for lunch, I told my coworker this was NICER than Mexico cos there was no humidity!!
  • trying to justify why I spent $32 on 2 small pads of stationery (pictured above from their website). Boatman Geller has THE CUTEST designs, and c'mon.. pink and green alligators with my very own name on it? Could be the coolest damn thing ever.. very preppy. At least I found a 10% promotion code online so the $8 ground shipping didn't made me that angry. Maybe Boatman Geller will feature me on their blog that talks about celebrity clientele?
  • wondering what to use as my defense when my mom reads the last bullet and immediately calls me to tell me why I shouldn't be buying $32 on 150 small sheets of paper..
  • questioning why I still watch the hills.. there I said it. The show is horrible. Brody Jenner hasn't been on lately. Lauren and Heidi make me cringe. They should get rid of those two and let Audrina, Whitney, Justin Bobby, and Stephanie Pratt hang out. OH and bring back Elodie. Obvi.... Lauren looks/acts like she's been defeated by life, she's in defense, angry scorned lover mode 24/7 and is just reaching out for followers to live by her Laurenisms.. And Heidi and Spencer? Great acting, they almost pass for people who don't date and aren't living together! um.... nope
  • counting down the hours to NEW LOST TONITE! Plus The Office! lkjasdkjldasf
  • Getting super excited for the new job that starts Monday!!!!!!!!!!!! I wonder if my alligator stationery will get delivered by then?! If that doesn't say business woman.. I dont know what will!

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freeandflawed said...

The notepad is cute! I wouldn't spend that much on it. But every now and then you gotta splurge :)

I can't wait for Lost!

Golightly said...

Their stationary is super cute! I just wish the Hills would do a spin off with Lo. Love her. I'm excited for all new shows tonight - its so about time :) And congrats on your new job - thats exciting stuff :)

Maxie said...

The hills is getting ridiculous, but I'm hooked too.

and that stationary is adorable!

Michelle & the City said...

i love the stationery! sometimes we shell out money for things we don't really NEED and that's ok ;)

legallyheidi.com said...

i am determined to justify that stationary...yesh.

new job?! Whaaaattt?? Details lady! :)

LBIC said...

I say the stationary is cute enough and worth the 32 bucks. As for the hills, I stopped watching after last season. I agree with everything you said about lauren and speidi make me want to claw my eyes out.

Sarah said...

I already gave up on the Hills. So excited to hear about the new job.

WeezerMonkey said...

That li'l notepad is just screaming to be sued by Lacoste.

Katelin said...

Oooh very cute notepad and totally justifiable :)

And as for the Hills, I find myself asking the same thing as well. Lauren is turning into a bitch and I can't stand Heidi and Spencer. Gah.

KT said...

good luck on monday!!! woohoo!!!