April 28, 2008

Its Good to have Goals

Recently the Rochester Boston Coalition embarked on an impromptu bar crawl. And by that I mean I like to call it a bar crawl even though it consisted of two places.. SoHo recently got changed to the Brighton Beer Garden, which is a great call on their part because SoHo was turning a little too club-ish for my liking.. After some yummy lunch, beers/sangria, we headed over to my favorite bar, Deep Ellum.

Six of us, still in detox from vacation earlier this month, came up with the brilliant idea of making a Deep Ellum Draft. What's that you ask? Welp, Deep Ellum in Allston has the most delicious cocktails ever, so we decided to hold a draft (much like the NFL one I'm sure most of your boys were glued to to the tv this weekend watching) where we each pick a cocktail on the menu (24 total= 6 of us = 4 drinks each = factor in most of the girls settling for 2).

The "Neva have I Eva drank every drink on The Deep Ellum menu"* event will probably be taking place in the near future. That also gives us a little time to work out some sponsorships, like free pretzel and beer cheese appetizers from their menu?!

Its good to have goals!

And sorry, I don't have an iPhone so my camera phone pics look like they came straight from 2002!

*Name subject to change.

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Maxie said...

cute idea! at least then you'll know which one you like the most :-)

Larissa said...

I always hear about cool people doing cool things like "____ Crawls." I need to get on this.

Katelin said...

Haha I love bar crawls, and the draft idea is brilliant. :)

WeezerMonkey said...

My sassy shiny blue halter is from Banana Republic of all places! :)

R said...

Hubbs was watching the draft while we were in Vegas. Lucky for him I was getting ready for a wedding.