April 22, 2008

Site Meter, F*&K Yeah!

Thank you for making my day.

"Googled Searches to get to www.jqlounge.com for the week of April 20th"

  • How to pick up dollar bills with your butt
  • Whitney Port wisdom teeth
  • leaf peeping in upstate new york
  • bob having hair
  • mark whip real strap
  • my angled haircut doesn't lay right
  • bash on lc and heidi clothing
  • avenue q bad idea bear lines drinking scene
  • jq boobs
Boy, do I love the Internet

Happy Earthday! And Happy Birthday Erica!

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Laurie said...

Really, a lesson in how to pick up dollar bills with your butt is soooo needed.

I'd say that serves as a good reminder for all of us to wash our hands after handling the green, wouldn't you?!

Katelin said...

I could make fun of Heidi's clothing line all day long, haha.

LBIC said...

lmao jq boobs. oh, people are hilarious.

Maxie said...

wtf is leaf peeping?

nicoleantoinette said...

Ha! Leaf peeping! That was in an episode of The West Wing.

Exposed said...

Oh fun! How do you find this stuff out? I'm sure I should already know...

R said...

I wonder what fun links I would have. Nothing as cool as "picking up dollar bills with your butt" I'm sure.