May 18, 2008

1 Mouse down. 2 to go.

So apparently there are 3 blind mice that like to hang out underneath our fridge. We thought it was only one, but then had a feeling there was more after we caught 1 with a mousetrap. While I asked Gus to drive it to the next town over and let it go free-- I'm not sure that happened.

Next up: pulling a "To Catch a Predator" scheme by videotaping the mousetrap and seeing what exactly is going on. 2 MORE FRIGGIN' MICE! I must admit, they are really cute and hilarious when watching them on camera.. but then I realize its my apartment.. and I start to freak out. And put on slippers instead of flipflops.

NOTE: That's peanut butter, because the mice ate the cheese!!!

Cannot WAIT to move into our house!!

UPDATE: 1 more mouse has been obtained. We sent him over to CTU's Debriefing room so Jack Bauer could interrogate him.

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emrlds said...

Ok so all day packing today, I was petrified I would run into another mouse. Worst feeling, ever so I'm totally with you. I'm hoping brookline is mouse-free! Haha

Katelin said...

oh man mice would freak me out. i am such a wuss, haha.

Sarah said...

ewwww. Sad for the mice :(

BTW-thanks for the nice comment :) Made my day. And yeah, SF is about 500 miles from me. But I think it's less than an hour flight! C'Mon, you know me and WeeMo will take you somewhere fun.

R said...

I must have missed where you talked about getting the house. Big fat yay for that and ditching the mice. BTW, I'm totally cracking up picturing Jack Bauer interrogating the blind mouse.

Michelle & the City said...

i am so behind in blog reading - you got the house?! i am SO excited for you guys and i want to hear all about it!!

Jamie Lovely said...

Ahhh, it gives me the shivers thinking about it. Mice freak me out!