May 13, 2008

A Closer Look

  • Omg, I was such a fan of American Girl Dolls when I was little, I might have to swing by the new store opening at The Natick Collection. I owned Samantha. She was the coolest, cos she had fierce brunette hair like myself. Except I was jealous of Molly's glasses. WHICH ONE DID YOU HAVE?
  • Who doesn't love a blog post titled "Beat Belly Bulge" by wearing this. Tres cute!
  • Product girl is giving out a Sex & The City Gift bag, enter here!
  • Radar picks internet's 10 most hated people.. Phew, I brushed the 11-20 rank.
  • Audrina is set to star in a movie. Take that Spencer and Heidi!
  • Foods you CANNOT feed your dogs. Hint: avocados are not good for your pooch
  • And at a shameless attempt to win a $100 Target Giftcard, (thanks for the heads up, Jenn & Heidi)

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10 comments: said...

I wanted an American Girl doll soooo bad when I was younger. I had Barbies up the wazoo, but no American Girl :( Sad.

I want a Sex and the City gift bag!

carrie lea said...

I had Kirsten, but I hated her. i always wanted Samantha!! To make me happy, my mom bought me a bunch of Samantha's accessories, so I basically turned Kirsten into a blond Samantha lol.

Laurie said...

My nieces love the American Girl dolls - and the bitty babies. Sadly, I never got into them as a child. But I now live through them:)

Larissa said...

My best friend in elementary had a Samantha doll, and I was so jealous!

In LA we have a huge American Girl store, where lots of little girls force their parents to spend tons of money. That place scares me, to be honest.

Jamie Lovely said...

I wanted an American Girl doll forever and never got one. Then my sister got when when I was like 13-14 and I about cried because I was so jealous.

I still never got one! :(

Sarah said...

OMG, best links ever. Thank you! Now I have you to blame for all the money I spent at Bluefly. Oh and the 10 most hated people was my fav.

I thought American Girl dolls were new? I just heard about them. Maybe they were an east coast thing?

nicoleantoinette said...

Ooo! I had Molly and Addy and LOVED THEM. Expensive stuff though, seriously.

Katelin said...

i never had an american girl doll and always always wanted one.

and that top is so cute, definitely a belly bulge hider :)

Nanette said...

I didn't learn about American Girl dolls until recently and honestly, they scare me a little bit. But I can totally see why little girls would love them! They're much better than the slutty Bratz dolls.

I was big into Cabbage Pack Kids myself.

R said...

I was a Cabbage Patch girl too. Just learned about American Dolls about a year or so ago. (I agree with Nanette...a little creepy...)

*whispering* Does that mean we're old????