May 19, 2008

A Closer Look

  • Usually I hold the Today Show as one of the top news sources (right below, but THIS LIST of the best and worst places to raise a family almost makes me want to watch Fox News instead. This list couldn't be more far off--well.. just the Massachusetts picks. Blarf
  • Speaking of strong reporting- the biggest question there is.. do guys prefer Curly hair or Straight?
  • Feeling crazed and completely swamped and busy all the time? Well this girl has got some good tips pour toi. So at least you look good when you're stressin' up to your eyeballs!
  • Radar Quiz: Is it John McCain or Indiana Jones?
  • I blame Spencer Pratt for $4 gas, but CNN has a different take.
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freeandflawed said...

Tee hee. I blame Spencer for high gas prices too! Actually, I blame Chicago for part of it. Apparently Chicago is the highest in the nation currently. It's all because by law, Chicago requires a different consistency, mixture, blah blah blah of gas.

It's ridiculous. I want a scooter!

Sarah said...

I would LOVE to know how they came to decide the San Bernadino, CA was a stand out place. Ummmm...No.

Katelin said...

that is definitely one weird list of best places to live, crazy.

and the curly/straight hair study is pretty interesting as well. i've always heard that girls with straight hair get taken more seriously than curly hair, which isn't too good for me, but i'd like to think that study is wrong.

R said...

Now I've got an even better excuse to move to Hawaii. ;) Glad to know I'm not raising my kid in a shit hole city in the mean time. :)