May 15, 2008

A Dose of Reality (tv)

I really think the Reality Gods are agreeing with me lately.. all of my picks have been kickin' ass!

  • Shayne got picked by the Bachelor
  • Whitney is our new bootylicious ANTM (oh c'mon this is not a spoiler. if you were a dedicated fan, you'd drop ALL plans for the finale!)
  • Adam won Big Brother.. this season was th first time I had watched that show, and let me tell you.. being a contestant is something to strive for in life!
  • David & David are in the finals (i don't watch Idol, but had a lengthy convo with a coworker in which i totally BS'd my AI opinions during set up for a trade show in Boston today)
I should put my energy into Politics.. Dang!

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The Dutchess of Kickball said...

I totally was just thinking this morning I had reality tv all figured out after calling Ambre to win Rock of Love 2 and Whitney with ANTM.

Laurie said...

Agreed. I could not stand Chelsea -good choice with Shayne.

And go Whitney!

freeandflawed said...

I sucked at reality TV this year. I picked the wrong woman on the bachelor and ANTM!

LBIC said...

Ugh, I can't believe Whitney won.

Katelin said...

i was pretty happy that whitney won, but then i read all the gossip and scandals and what have you. gah. ruined! top model please don't be a sham.

Golightly said...

I'm so happy Whitney won!! She was my fave from the beginning. She said she'd be the first plus size winner and she did it!!

Nanette said...

I was happy that Whitney won, although you can totally tell that Paulina did NOT like her.

R said...

We had to know that Tyra was going to pick the 'plus sized' girl, no? I mean really, she's been dying to do that since cycle one and Whitney finally made it far enough for that to happen. I'm glad a normal sized girl won, but I hope she knocks that pageant-y stuff off. That bugs me.

I didn't watch any of the other mentioned shows so that's all I've got. :)

JuliAM said...

i was watching back episodes of antm this weekend...and i watched the weigh in/measuring. and the 'plus size' models had like 30 inch waists...omg, that's a size 8...seriously? that's plus size?!