May 23, 2008

Meet the Press

Woo hoo! My first 'blog interview'... ever!

Check it out over at Blue Orchid Blog.. Thanks again Liene!! And for any more press inquiries, please contact my publicist, Dina Lohan. hardy har har har

Happy Friday! And enjoy your long long weekend

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WeezerMonkey said...

!!! So cool! :D

And I am so honored to be mentioned!

I'm coming to Boston June 6 through 8. I'm not sure of my exact schedule yet (which will be quite hectic), but, regardless, we really should make an effort to meet!

Katelin said...

fabulous interview miss julie! :)

ami @ elizabeth anne designs said...

hi! i found you via blue orchid and am about to become a devoted reader! :) love your interview and your blog!

Larissa said...

Love the interview!

R said...

Loves it! Congrats on your first big interview. Even though you did not mention me as one of your top 3 favs, I still think you're awesome. ;)