June 2, 2008

And the Winner is..

Congrats R, from Married not Burried! You will be receiving this fabulous Tiki Pajamagram!

But I must say, you are ALL winners in my book! Your comments and opinions regarding the new Reality Bitchy Bad Asses on E! were both hilarious and pure genius. Denise Richards won by a few votes.. I myself would rather sit next to Denise.. her new show is a hot mess, which means I LOVE IT! And I heart her f*#$ing swearing problem.. we'd sound like a couple of sailors talking amongst ourselves..

R- drop me an email and I'll get it your info over to the awesome folks at Pajamagrams!

oh. btw. not sure how many blogs i'll be able to read this week considering I had a busy weekend and did not get to see SATC. blerg. i'm super psyched it beat out Indiana Jones though!

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brookem said...

i need to catch denise's new show. my roommate watched it the other day and was saying it was hilarious. when's it on next?

R said...

SHUT UP!! I never win anything. I was just telling Hubbs about your contest this weekend while we watched both shows. You're right Denise is a delicious, hot mess and we think her show is making her worse in our eyes, but Hubbs and I agree that Dina must be vanquished!


Nanette said...

Congrats, R! :)