June 1, 2008

Am I the ultimate fighting champion?

me and UFC fighter Jorge Rivera (I love how his fist is practically the size of my head!)

WHAT a weekend! Saturday night Gus, Ali, and I went to watch Joe (one of Gus' groomsmen) in his first professional fight. The event was called 'Untamed 21' sponsored by Full Force TV and it was held in Plymouth -about an hour away. As you can see on the Fight Card, Joe kicked some butt and knocked his opponent out in 2 minutes! The Octogon girls were very impressive as well. I tried to take some good pics but the lighting in there was not made for my Canon Powershoot. Boo. I did grab a picture with a UFC fighter and coach at Gus' gym, Jorge Rivera, pictured above. He's fighting on the next pay per view fight next wknd!

Here are a couple more pix..julie and ali, Octagon girls in training!!

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amandabtv said...

All I can think of is that episode of Friends where Monica's boyfriend wants to become an ultimate fighter. Glad your friend didn't end up like Pete :)

Julie Q said...

LOL Amanda you're my hero.. do you know how many times I try to reference that episode and no one knows what i'm talking about?!? too funny! I love it when he goes "Well let me ask you a question. Am I the Ultimate Fighting Champion?"

R said...

That is cool! You and ali should totally become Octagon Girls. Even if it's only for Halloween.

Sara Jane said...

I love cage fighting/cage fighters! I have a secret dream of being an octagon girl!

revrocknrev said...

I actually filmed that whole event for Full Force for their official Untmaed 21 DVD. The trailer for the DVD is up on their front page right now and it features quite a bit of Joe's fight... Some great footage of Joe for sure. He totally ruined his opponent that night. Great first pro fight!

Go check it out while it's still on the front page of www.fullforce.tv. You can also find the trailer on myspace and youtube. Just search for Untamed 21.