June 29, 2008

Have you ever...

...watched an entire movie, and have no clue whats going on, but still enjoy it? I've actually done this many a time. I mean.. I understand English, so its not like the words trip me up (except for Pride & Prejudice- but thats Brits talking). Thank God for Wikipedia, because i usually just read the plot line for the movie on wiki to figure out what actually happened. For some reason, we've watched a plethora of films recenty. Icky rainy weather, maybe? NO GOOD TELEVISION on this season, um yeah? Trying not to go out all the time, probably? Chillin' with two bassett rottweiler siblings, most likely.. pix coming soon btw

going back to the point of this post.. Gus and I watched Fools Gold on Friday night. I get the whole plot of the movie, a broken up couple looks for treasure together.. very "The Breakup" meets "Indiana Jones". But other than that, I could not follow the exact plot line maybe because I was reading up on a weeks worth of Perez Hilton.. except I still really liked the movie!! Kate Hudson and Matthew M are so perfect as an onscreen couple (c'mon How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days? Lurved it!) Totally think its rent worthy.

Be Kind Rewind: Kind of a slow beginning, but this movie was very cute. Jack Black and Mos Def try to save a Video Store by making 'Sweded' videos, where they re-enact the original movie (except its usually about 20 mins). Just the creativity alone in these 'Sweded' videos is worth the rental. Granted its an indie flick so it probably won't appeal to everyone out there.

Semi-Pro: I'm a sucker for Will Ferrell. I didn't like the ice skating movie and I still don't think he's done anything as fabulous as Anchorman (and Old School for that matter), but Semi-Pro will have you chuckling. Good quote from Jackie Moon?

Jackie Moon: here'll be a lotta television cameras out there so we just gotta be tip top.
Clarence 'Coffee' Black: So what's the plan?
Jackie Moon: Brought a secret weapon. It's going to make us look extra cool on Tv.
Bee Bee Ellis: What the hell is that?
Jackie Moon: It's eyeliner dummy. Now who's first? Monix?

PLUS after watching all these movies, I found an awesome rent one get one free coupon that expires at the end of June.. Looks like I'll be going to rent 'Definitely Maybe' and something else today.

Anyone watch any good movies? Let me know what I should rent

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Valerie said...

Definitely Maybe is GOOD. Also, it's been out for a few months, but if you haven't seen Sweeney Todd OH MY GOD GO RENT IT RIGHT NOW!

WeezerMonkey said...

I haven't seen any of these movies!

Definitely Maybe was surprisingly better than I expected, but I think that's because I love Isla Fisher.

I would recommend something, but I think in the past we've established that we have opposite movie tastes! ;)

Golightly said...

I so enjoyed Fools Gold, thought it was just an easy funny movie with just the right amount of adventure. And I saw Definitely Maybe this weekend - so much better than I thought too, very cute and I cried a bit

jamie said...

Definitely Maybe is great! Very much worth renting! I, too, liked Fool's Gold--very cute! I might have to watch Semi-Pro...

Katelin said...

i've only seen semi-pro out of all of those. i seriously need to catch up asap!

R said...

Definitely maybe was cute. I like Isla Fisher and Ryan Reynolds is one of my boyfriends so I may be biased. :) So not a Jack Black fan though. :/ I'll probably pass on the indie even though I like Mos Def.

Maxie said...

I thought semi-pro was ridiculous but it still had me cracking up.

And you are so right-- Kate Hudson And Matthew M have SO much on-screen chemistry. They're adorable.