June 10, 2008

I'm so money I didn't even know it!

Hello friends.. I'm in San Francisco right now for work. Don't worry I've take a billion pictures and have so far...

-rode the Cable Cars for about 3 hrs now. wweeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! I felt like What about Bob when he goes Sailing for the first time. I'm sure the people next to me didn't appreciate it as much as I did!
-Went shopping at the biggest H&M i've ever seen only to go back and return a few things (tear drop) after realizing half of it wasn't going to fit in my carry-on (ain't nobody losing my luggage ever again. ever. again.)
-Gotten used to traveling by myself and being 'that girl' eating alone at a restaurant.. its almost kind of calming! and plus i just pretend like i'm a restaurant critic and write fake notes in my little notepad so i look important.
- spent $9.99 a day to have me some wi-fi at this hotel- which is surprising b/c its a pretty nice place right in DT but I guess that's where they get you!
-fallen in love with San Francisco

Unfortunately I do not have the usb cord to upload any pics yet, but I do have a C-list D-list Hollywood sighting for you.

SCENE. checking in at my hotel.

(me handing her my credit card)

concierge: oh! are you from the commercial?

me: Umm.. what's that?

concierge: ooohhhh! you're not from the area are you.

me: nopers.. i'm from Boston

concierge: oh! because there is a commercial thats always on tv, maybe they are your relatives?!

me: sure.. why not.. SO I'm guessing this stay is now free then?!

concierge: oh! hahaha you're funny, just like the commercial!

note: since then i've seen the commercial on the hotel tv about 6 times. here's the company's official site. lol

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brookem said...

ha, you're too funny bringing a little notebook with you to a restaurant.

i'm sailing! i sail! :)

oh!, i got my tee shirt! the my boys one! woot woot! thank you!

emrlds said...

um, my tshirt is prettymuch the greatest thing ever. thanks tbs and julie q!

and san fran - ugh, i love it. tell the crooked street i said hi. =)

Sarah said...

Isn't SF the best?!?!! I love it so so much.

Your comment cracked me up. I thought you were about 5 ft I guess.

WeezerMonkey said...

I love that you pretend you're a restaurant critic.

Because I do this all the time. Even with dining companions. ;)

Katelin said...

i absolutely love san fran, if only you were there a month from now for blogher then that'd be truly awesome :)

glad you're having a great time though! and i highly recommend checking out the ghriadelli square if you haven't already. their chocolate is delicious.

R said...

I love that you asked if the room was free. Hee hee. You are almost famous! :)

Jackie said...

SF is beautiful! I have only been there once but my fiance and I are considering it a potential future home as it seems to be one of the few "east coast" style city's on the west coast. At least by our standards!

freeandflawed said...

I would totally jot notes in my notebook if I were eating alone haha. As for the cable car, you couldn't pay me to stop "wee'ing" while riding it!

Michelle & the City said...

haha. you should go work for them while you're there! i bet they'd put you in the commercial ;)

Maxie said...

I love eating alone too. I usually bring a book and a notepad and people are SO nice to me. I think they really are scared I'm a critic. It's fantastic.