June 12, 2008

What the heck is a Tornado watch?

Is what I was wondering when a warning popped up on my TV during a rerun of According to Jim in my hotel room. Oh- btw I'm in Downtown Chicago now for the 2nd half of my business trip. The good news is- the Tornado watch is for Wisconsin (which is apparently close by?!) but still! We never see those in Boston. I'm about to flip my shit if i see Toto running around the halls of this hotel.
SO.. make sure you watch the new season of My Boys on TBS that starts tonite! I get to watch it in Chicago (where the show is based) after I get back from dinner (no restaurant critic tonite, i get to eat with actual co-workers!!), which rocks.. Hopefully my flight does not get canceled tomorrow cos this Bostonian misses her home. I do recommend traveling by yourself sometime- its very peaceful and nice! Plus I forgot how cool and awesome I am! HAahaha just kidding.

SO..for those Boston Bloggahs out there- make sure you email me for the info of the 1st Annual Neva have I Eva gone to a Boston Bloggha Happy Hour this Saturday!!

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Katelin said...

don't get blown away!

or if you do, come to southern california :)

WeezerMonkey said...

I am sending only the Best Travel Mojo to you! This Monkey knows firsthand how rotten being stuck in the Midwest is. :P

I am silly excited about your Boston Bloggahs happy hour! Can't wait to read all about it!

freeandflawed said...

Wisconsin is only like an hour away from here. We get a lot of tornado watches for Wisconsin and Indiana.

Hope you're enjoying My Boys and Chicago!

Jamie Lovely said...

I loved My Boys tonight. I have a crush on Bobby.

I'm kind of bummed because Jenn already got her My Boys shirt and stuff like a week ago and I still haven't gotten mine :(

brookem said...

have fun at the meetup! we'll need to plan another one soon!

LBIC said...

I LOOOOOOOOOOOOVED My Boys! I'm so glad it's back. And I'm jealous you're in Chicago. We get Tornado warnings all the time here in Orlando. I've actually seen/been in a couple. Although they're pretty dangerous and horrible because of the destruction, they're actually kind of fun. When they're not causing major damage, of course.

Michelle & the City said...

a watch means there's conditions possible for a tornado.

a warning is when one's actually been spotted.

glad to here you had fun on your travels! i should try vacationing alone :)

Susie said...

You're right, I LOVE traveling alone. And I'm a big San Fran AND Chicago fan...2 of the best places!

Hope you made it home safely and see youu tomorrow afternoonnnn :)

R said...

I cracked up at the picture of Toto's ass flying around the halls.