July 25, 2008

Anchorman meets Boiler Room= Mad Men

This weekend, go to your local video store and rent Mad Men Season 1. Trust me. I know you've been sad lately because there's no good TV over the summer, and this show just happens to start up this Sunday Night for its very hyped up 2nd season. Its on A&E AMC (thanks R!), which yes, I know that means no Nudity and Swearing (Gah, I miss Sopranos) but this show is AWESOME.

John Ham plays a dreamy creative director of an Ad Agency in New York City circa 1960. The way the boys play around the office really does remind you of Anchorman. Plus the women are pretty fiesty and entertaining as well. And the amount of ciggies they smoked back in the day, I started coughing by the end of watching the first ep!

I watched it in about 1 week, but if you're dedicated enough, you could totally get'her done in a weekend. Let me know if you check it out!!

Oh- and UPDATE on the MacBook charger.. found one for $35.00 on a computer parts website. And the best part is, Mac doesn't even make this one. lol.. it gets delivered in a couple days, so until then I'll keep using my MacBook as a giant paperweight. Thank you for all your suggestions!!!

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transienttravels said...

oh my god - it is on demand and I have been staying up late every night catching up - I am so tired, but I don't care!

Good one on the charger.

amandabtv said...

Um...I may have watched the entire thing last week, so yeah...it's totally doable.

And TOTALLY worth it! I can't wait for Sunday night!

Jamie Lovely said...

I love Mad Men. Everyone is so stylish and cute. I wish we still dressed like that.

Katelin said...

i have been meaning to check out mad men, i've only heard good things.

R said...

Psst! It's on AMC. ;)

Susie said...

Ahhh! Everyone has been talking about this and I haven't seen it at all.

OK, now I'm convinced!! Hope you enjoyed it tonight :)