July 7, 2008

EVERY wknd should be a 3 day wknd!

More belly rubs, please!

Hope everyone had a grande ole' 3 day weekend. I had a fun couple of days at Gus' family's house relaxing at their annual 4th of July cookout. Followed by a long day of shopping for furniture (Boston Interiors & Jordan's- for you locals). It will be a hard adjustment upgrading from the college furniture we've been dragging from apartment to apartment for the past 3 years.

Lexie had a great time meeting a bunch of new family members. Big Brother Rocco was up celebrating Independence day in Vermont with Glam-ma!

I wanted to show a picture of my Aunt Judie (pictured with my Uncle Lou), who told me she loves reading the blog everyday. Hi Judie!

And here's a pic of Gus' new lil cousin, Will. His 1st 4th of July!

For pics of the cookout, click here!

Ah back to the work week now.

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WeezerMonkey said...

Lexie is SO CUTE!!!

legallyheidi said...

more lexie pict0rs plskthx :) :) <3

Jamie Lovely said...

Oh my gosh. Lexie is too freaking cute!

That chubby cheeked baby to!

Sarah said...

You look skinny!!

Yay for Lexie. More pics!! More Pics!

Katelin said...

aw love the pics, sounds like a great weekend.

KT said...

omg, look at those chubby cheeks! he's so adorable.

R said...

What a great 4th!

Michelle & the City said...

awe how cute is that baby! i just want to pinch his cheeks :)

Hillary said...

Lexie is adorable!