July 2, 2008

Oh snap.. its July?! That means..

..its my birthday month (Q Day lands July 29th aka the big 2-6).

Now there's one thing that I love just as much as birthday presents.. and that's BIRTHDAY COUPONS!!

So far, its July 2nd and I've already gotten.. (all of which I have to use during this month only)

  • $5.00 coupon from DSW Shoes (must spend $19.99- talk about stingy bday coup!)
  • $10.00 coupon from Victoria's Secret (must use Angels Credit Card)
  • One free entree from Fiorella's in Newton
  • $10.00 coupon from Lemon Tree Paperie
A few freebies that I THINK should get sent to me in the month of July:

Mac Lipglass

Vineyard Vines Tote
A Day where Cesar Milan (aka Dog Whisperer) comes to the apartment and turns Rocco & Lexie into the most well behaved Mutts on the planet! *btw if i don't call you for awhile, its because lil Lex chewed up my phone charger. But it could have been worse- it could have been my hair iron.
The lead singer of Fall Out Boy (i dont even know his name) to sing in a small concert in my backyard.. LOL cos I think he's dreamy. And last but not least.. CENTRAL AIR to be put in every single room I step foot in during the summertime. In my apartment, at my office, everywhere.
Hmmm there's still 29 days left in the month. It could totally happen.

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WeezerMonkey said...

I am LMAO at the Dog Whisperer logo. Did you see that episode of South Park where he came and straightened up Cartman?

transienttravels said...

Mine is the 28th! I get $10 toward any product at the Body Shop.

Sarah said...

My birthday is Sept. 27th and my mom always let me celebrate the whole month :)

I saw that South Park episode!! Hi-larious.

freeandflawed said...

I love birthday freebies. I got my Victoria's Secret card yesterday.

I would LOVE it if central air was in every room I stepped into.

Katelin said...

i think those are all very probable birthday gifts to happen in the month of july :)

and gotta love the birthday coupons, i love it.

brookem said...

i love fiorellas!
happy birthday month!

R said...

I love birthday months! Happy birthday month to you!!!

Susie said...

I love your wish list...however, I am SO confused as to why so many people seem to go crazy over the lead singer from Fall Out Boy. Is he really that cute?!?!

I would LOVE to hang with Cesar Milan even though I don't have a dog...sooo if he's coming over, I might have to crash the party!

Happy birthday month :)

Maxie said...

um if you get that much lipglass you better be passing it on to some of your faithful readers!

emrlds said...

i looooove birthday months. mine is in september and i'm already making plans. well, trying. new kids are in boston on my birthday! amazing, i know.
and the VV tote? WORTH it. i love mine. =)

Laurie said...

Yes, I love birthday coupons. My bday is on the 16th and the coupons are trickling in. I got one for $10 off at Origins - no limitations either. Sweet!

Birthday "month" rocks.