August 18, 2008

A Closer Look

  • Michael Phelps, you make me want to jump in a pool and pretend like I can do the crawl without getting water in my ears and swim in a straight line. Congrats! Except now swimming wont be mentioned for another 4 years.
  • beer goggles ARE real. crap, my cover is blown..
  • Mad Men's John Slattery is from Boston. Go us!
  • funny kid pics, who doesn't like a chuckle..
  • Jennifer Love Hewitt.. don't do a people cover saying you're proud of the way you are, and then do an US Weekly Cover saying you've conformed and are fit and fab. Granted you look great! Ghost Whisperer is still a crappy show though.
  • Is pregorexics really a phrase now? Wow. Just. Wow.

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Nanette said...

Pregorexics? That's just sad. And gross. Poor babies. (And by "babies" I mean the actual "babies," not the moms.)

R said...

I can't decide what is worse, Phelps' ears, nose, or grill. He looks so much better with the swim cap on. And half nekkid. ;)

And UGH! to pregorexics.

emrlds said...

see, he can't even keep his shrt on! give up the charade, phelps. just stop wearing shirts already.

Susie said...

I loveee your little round-up posts. And Michael Phelps...holy hot. Want to touch his body!!

freeandflawed said...

So Phelps' face is a bit awkward, but since he's so tall and I'm so short, I'll be looking at his perfect abs anyway. He needs to call me.